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The Ideal Day Lifestyle through Purpose, Wealth & Peace

Over a period of 3-yrs to create an inspiring lifestyle of purpose, wealth & peace. Complete with life management systems designed around dreams, passions & true personality, the enlightening way.

For myself, and for the others. 


William V Vysniauskas
"I came to believe that our ultimate goal in life is a discovery & a delivery of who we truly are. Through every given day. I cannot think of any higher purpose, than this."

It was 4th of January 1999, when I first left my hometown, for a foreign country to UK. At the age of 18, hardly speaking English, having contacts of 2 people, and £250 in my pocket. Into a journey of learning Life. Through good, the bad, and ugly.

I failed. Many times. Often, miserably. Before, and in-between.

Today, I figure – there is no longer a point to just try for things. Or chase what somebody else is chasing. There is no peace in it.

We MUST first understand ourselves. Before anything great can happen, to us. To break from Brules (BS-rules), social & personal limitations. Into a lifestyle of our-own ideal day.

To keep on moving. To never look back. No matter where we might have come from.

The challenge in 1999 was a tough one, will not deny. But I already know, it was nothing to compare with what I am about to face. 3 years to live. 

Good. It's just about THAT time. For a change. 

Life. Hit me, once again.
To start on this journey I had to complete the following (and what I will be sharing HOW, along the way)
Come up with simple, yet effective ways to visually review the current reality. Be brutally honest and have an open mind (wasn't that easy)
Dig deep. Use tools & proven methods to clearly understand one's true personality, life driving passions, values, needs, vision and purpose
To define achievable must's before I die, and create realistic Bucket List, with a meaning. Write a Life Book & build the Ideal Day around new ways
To study greatest masters of this world, for guides into inspired lifestyle. Then figure out ways how to put it all together, in followable format
Clean up, get ready. Then make it as difficult as possible to fail, by going public (there is science behind this approach, I dare not to argue with)
- Big WHY -
“You have left only 3 years to live, what you gonna do?” 

Those words did not come from someone else, or a doctor. I have neither a terminal illness nor a wish to die. I’ve said them to myself, after hitting a personal-low in 2016.


I still remember that early summer morning. Cool, but clear. I was laying on a bed, looking through the open window. Seeing nothingness. A rising sun outside, and nature waking up to sounds of birds... something I would always admire, it no longer gave any joy.

Why all this struggle? Why keep on trying, pushing, fighting... failing? What even for? What is a point to any of it, we call life? Closing my eyes, realization comes: a space inside is dark, and deep.

Emptiness. Would be happy to just depart.

What happens next, comes through a single question

"What if I really had... limited time, left in me?"

A voice to reach from darkness-of-a-deep. End echoes in my ears.

"How would I go about my days? What would I do? What would I not do?"

It wouldn't leave. To get me thinking.

No, WHAT IF, "I'm sorry, William", a man in white long coat is standing, and looking straight into my eyes. "Your results, well, they're not so good..."

A number 3, pops into a mind. From nowhere.

Today, I cannot know the 'Why'. But the idea of my time, is limited to 3 years. Only.

Strange, indeed, to have such thoughts. Whatever hit me there on bed, I know, it wasn't real. Yet... somehow, it was. At least, it felt so.

"What now? HOW would I make my choices count, from here?"


The more I came to think about it, the more my curiosity increased.

I started feeling blood, to run through veins again. My eyes have opened. In slow motion. To see a morning light. Carefully, it touched my face.

And there I was, awake.

The next 3 months to pass through sleepless nights. Dig deep inside, for getting clearer on who (the heck) I am.

To understand one's purpose, vision, most important goals, the must’s before I die.

Am I to die? Of course. Who isn't. Just who knows when, exactly?

Be it years more or less than 3, does anyone of us have a written guarantee?

I haven't. 

Decision made. No turning back. 4th of January 2017 is to mark a starting day.

To lead into a lifestyle of unexpected-new.

Following the way of purpose, wealth & peace. Designed with higher consciousness.

Hence, the idea just took off. And grew.

The challenge of a lifetime. To push one-self through failures of a past. To step outside the comforts of today.

And live next 3 years, as if the last.

So that at the end of it, I am to stand up on highest hill. Look up. Raise hands. And there to say:

"I wrote a story of my life, as how it was meant to happen. My days, like this one (and there are plenty!), they all ideal… Even through ups & downs, to come as part of any journey.

Each one has passed with a special meaning, wealthy purpose. They were (and, are) designed to help me Grow, to Give, to Live.

So much to do, to be in life, and to experience! With every single day. I’m better not to waste a minute of it… Today, it came to end, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Yet… if tomorrow would never come, I know, I'm leaving nothing here, undone...

I lived mine, to my highest-given best. With myself. And for the other."
over 3 years
of a lifetime
Bucket List
of my time to give (free)
to hit
to take on

"My Failures Become My Fuel. For Growth"

In a Nutshell...

See What's Next


A Question.

Q: How will you do this, William?

A: By creating a Life Book around one's true personality, highest-purpose, clear vision, passions, goals & dreams.

And building the complete, easy to implement lifestyle management systems designed around Universal truths, as taught by greatest Masters of this world. The enlightened way. To serve myself, and the others.

Then work my ass to make things happen. And track the entire process.

While going through days as if I have only 3 years to live.