I am not a life coach, nor that I’m here to play ‘you need me to help you live’ game.
However, I can share my unique ‘self-accountability’ tools that will let you take better care of your days, and master every area of your life – taking one day at a time.
Nothing delivers more progress in your personal growth than ensuring you have a fulfilling way (which you can own) to how approach each given day. Don’t gamble your lifetime and risk ending final hours with deep regrets.
Dare to venture into the world of your ideal by ensuring that you have a solid blueprint for crafting your current reality, inspiring future, and ultimately – a lasting Legacy.


By how you’d start each morning knowing exactly who you are, where you going, or how you’re to get there.

By a day full-packed with self-fulfilling habits, to walk us through a journey of purpose, wealth, and peace. While keeping you laser-focused, disciplined & confident.

By a lifestyle which is designed to help us grow, to give, to live. One that not only feels good, but it also IS good for you, good for others, and it serves a greater good. 
And by imprinting your unique life’s story, every step of the way.
At CanIFail.com I am committed to put my over 10 years personal growth experience into developing a £1mln project & sharing this no-fail approach to Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™.

I also focus on helping those who seek for practical, self-accountable methods to crafting their own reality, inspiring future, and ultimately – a lasting Legacy.

I can provide you with a solid, approved by world’s best & science, time tested Blueprint to help you mindfully manage your days. A self-fulfilling way.
"I stand (strongly, madly, insanely!) against ultimate failure of life. We will NOT END ours with deep regrets."
– William V Vysniauskas


I'm Visvaldas Vysniauskas (but go by name 'William', for obviously 'easier' reasons), introverted left-brainer creator of Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™ approach which I believe will soon change the way we go about our days, forever. 

I am also someone who had to search long and hard on this personal growth journey. I know how difficult it can be to figure all this 'my life' related stuff, forget about actually trying to live our learned fulfilling values (that we know we should) on daily basis. 
Here's What I Do:
I dedicate myself to mastering my own days and developing a no-fail journey of Purpose, Wealth & Peace to be shared with like-minded introverts & left-brainers who too are hungry to create a more fulfilling future; one that is predictable, enriched, regret-free, and full of peace of mind.

Removing the fear of the unknown, I encourage people to take control of their days and better prepare for some of life’s important moments, so that they can continue to enjoy living and be ready for whatever life throws their way.
Here's How I Got Started:
Abusive childhood. Ugly teenage, and wild young days. Independent life in foreign country, from age 18. Entering into the days of ‘social norms’ – well paid job, nice car, fit body, girlfriends. Own house, pay your bills. Enjoy. Be happy? It never worked. 

Just what is 'happy'? Or life, about? What is a purpose to us all?

Attempts to succeed in the worlds of internet, sales and marketing. Working with local businesses. Taking on investments. Dropped out somewhere along the way. Simply put, failed them all. Today I know: was not my thing.

Why this struggle, pain, suffering, and chaos?

Can't our life be… different, somehow? More real? And peaceful? A little lighter?
"It was through these experiences that I committed to find a better way of going about our given days."
Enough got enough after one final heavy 'blow' in summer 2016. It was THAT time to take all the wisdom learned from world's best personal growth & spiritual Masters, and put it into action. The Ideal Day Lifestyle Blueprint was born. And turned a quality of this life upside-rightside-leftside-down.

Today I'm committed to finding like-minded freedom fighters, peaceful rebels and brave souls. To share these unique ways to make sure we're all set-up for a smoother ride in life. One that will allow us to face the bumps and obstacles, design our Legacies and finish strong. Without regrets.
"It is my hope that you will embark on this journey with me."
I'm here to reach out, and to be reached out to. As from my years of trial-and-error experience I can promise that Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™ approach will too transform your days. Let's connect and find out if we can create something beautifully unique from our experience, together.
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