Bucket List

With a Meaning

 Inspired by the idea of '3 years to live'

Designed around the Pyramid of Mastery

To create an inspiring lifestyle of purpose, wealth & peace. To fulfill all areas of life-mastery. 

To contribute to our world using recourses of given skills, time, creativity & monetary. To share a deeper meaning. To help & inspire. To lead by example.

Not to just travel places and have fun. But to experience the Ultimate best.
Making a list of 1,000 Must's Before I Die may be an achievable reality for some few. For the rest of us, this approach is as good as if to believe in Unicorns.

Try, "What would my Must's be, if I had only 3 years to live?" Rate by your Belief, Desire, Priority levels. Find a Cost. Break it down into yearly goals.

No more daydreaming. 
If you cannot know, by a quick look at your entire Bucket List:

the Total Activity, the Activities in Progress, the Activities Done, the Cost Expected, the Cost Actual & your Bucket List Journey, month-by-month...

...then you might have taken on a long journey, without a clear map. Create a story in 5 simple charts.
"To live an extraordinary life, you must know where you are and where you want to be – and the Pyramid of Mastery is your map for closing the gap and creating the life you deserve."
–Tony Robbins
"To live an extraordinary life, you must know where you are and where you want to be – and the Pyramid of Mastery is your map for closing the gap and creating the life you deserve."
–Tony Robbins
My Bucket List is about what I want to become (images)
Chart - progress About Image (Pyramid)
My 1st year goals based on this Bucket List (link to goals page) 
A Story Behind Idea
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When I first came across the Bucket List idea, and started noting my Must's Before I Die, very quickly I begun to feel as if something important is to be missing. I was looking at a written list of several hundred activities, scratching my head, asking a question, "WHAT are my chances to experience them... all?"

It dawned on me:

Under no circumstances I'd want to reach the end of my days, feeling that I missed out on so many things I've written on that list! 

What would be a point of creating the opportunity for such regret to come up? Just because I wanted to dream big? Without ever having a strategy, or a realistic approach to help me materialise my dreams?

Furthermore, how many of those activities are really a dream of mine? And how many are just an idea borrowed from somewhere else? Perhaps, an idea to mean little, if anything, to what I want to experience in my own lifetime?

Soon I realized - travelling places and having fun, while too are important, yet they are not the only activities I'd like to see in this Bucket List. These alone felt somehow... empty. And meaningless.

"What if I'm to throw in my health, personal development, relationships, financial goals as well? To go along with fun stuff... would that still work?" I wondered.

There, I remembered Unleash the Power Within seminar with Tony Robbins, I attended a year ago. A vision of the Pyramid of Mastery popped into a mind. Quickly I found a workbook from a seminar and opened up a chapter. To stare at a page for a long, long time.

"Perfect. Just perfect", was thinking to myself, while trying to piece together everything what was running through a mind.

The '3 years to live' idea, this campaign, a Bucket List with a meaning, and all I learned from years of studying countless personal growth & life-mastery materials. It felt, this time around, they all finally came into the same place together.

What happened next, is what you can find on this page, and witness throughout the entire Can I Fail campaign.

While not an easy journey, full of uncertainty about the future ahead and (healthy) amount of doubts today... yet, I can now see how it is already happening.

And I'm here looking forward to find out, what's next.

Journey in Charts

These are the progress results as stood in the end of June 2017. Results on a website are updated monthly.

The WHY's


Fit, healthy, injury free, full of energy body. New experiences & fun. A place to live the Ideal Day Lifestyle.


To benefit from, and enjoy a journey of never-ending growth. Life true to my purpose & character.


To enhance & nourish happy, healthy relationships with myself, people close to me & the world.


To get the most out of my days through productive, organised lifestyle. Have clear plans to create future.


To complete projects of my lifetime, by taking massive action towards success & achievements.


To achieve financial freedom through passion incomes. To aim for an experience of a wealthy lifestyle.

Give & Spiritual

To attain the highest feeling of fulfillment through  spiritual activities, acts of kindness & serving others.


To enjoy fruits of hard work, and to experience this life in ways that are most rewarding, fun & special.

Bucket List

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Category Averages: Belief - 9.7; Desire - 9.8; Priority A. Cost Expected: £4,325
(body, health, fitness, home, environment)
YearDate of
a) Healthy Bodyin FocusCompletion
Ritual of Live Nourishment 80%+1-3Progress
Active body - Misfit 700pts daily, 80%+1-3Progress
Ritual of Early Awakening + balanced sleep 80%+1-3Progress
Healthy stomach (problem to be solved)1Progress
No sugar (incl. fruits), 1-month1
Banana Island, 7-day 12017-01-15
Cleanse/detox treatment, variation 112017-01-18
Massage treatments x 2, worldwide experience1
Strict Alkaline diet, 3-months 1
Get live blood microscopy2
Cleanse/detox treatment, variation 22
Massage treatments x 3, worldwide experience2
Yoga retreat2
Chiropractor treatment2
Mud bath treatment2
Grow my own vegetables2
Ayurveda healing retreat3
Chinese medicine treatment3
Acupuncture treatment, Chinese way3
Cleanse/detox treatment, variation 33
Massage treatments x 4, worldwide experience3
A Day at Resort Spa3
Reiki treatment3
YearDate of
b) Fit & Balanced Bodyin FocusCompletion
Ritual of Physicality 80%+1-3Progress
70kg of lean-muscle body mass, in 6-months12017-08-08
Participate in 30-day Yoga Challenge Online12017-01-30
Yoga 1-on-1, intense 1-month1
Sit on a floor in a straddle position1Progress
A handstand by the wall, 2-min12017-07-18
Yoga with Zenward, 3-months1-2
Tabata, 1-month 2
Modern Qigong (online), 6-months 2
A handstand no wall, straight2
Run a 5-mile marathon2
Hatha yoga experience, physical location3
Vinyasa yoga experience, physical location3
Iyengar yoga experience, physical location3
Ashtanga yoga experience, physical location3
Bikram yoga experience, physical location3
Hot yoga experience, physical location3
Kundalini yoga experience, physical location3
Yin yoga experience, physical location3
Thai Chi, 2-months3
CrossFit, 1-month 3
Compete in triathlon3
YearDate of
a) Home & Peaceful Livingin FocusCompletion
Ritual of Simplicity 80%+1-3Progress
Place to live the Ideal Day (peaceful, in nature)2Progress
Discovery of a Sun-Land3
Category Averages: Belief - 9.4; Desire - 9.6; Priority A. Cost Expected: £840
(self-discovery, self-mastery, the mind, Big WHY)
YearDate of
a) Offline Activityin FocusCompletion
Attend Self-Mastery seminar in Lithuania2
Attend Wolf of Wall Street seminar, J. Belfort2
Attend Self-Mastery seminar elsewhere in the world3
YearDate of
b) Online Activityin FocusCompletion
Complete Uncompromised Life, M. Peer12017-05-30
Complete Lifebook Online, J. Butcher12017-05-15
Complete Love or Above, C. M. Sheldon1Progress
Complete Unlimited Abundance, C. M. Sheldon12017-07-31
Complete Quantum Jumping, B. Goldman1
Complete Chakra Healing program, C. Tuttle1
Join Consciousness Engineering, V. Lakhiani2
Complete Silva Intuition program2
Complete 100 Philosophers Notes, MindValley2
Complete American Monk Prosperity, B. Goldman2
Complete The Social Man, C. Hudson 2
Complete Create Lasting Change, T. Robbins3
Complete The Missing Secret, Joe Vitale3
Complete Silva Manifest program3
Complete Silva Life program3
Complete Tapping Into Abundance3
Complete Silva Self-Evolution program3
YearDate of
c) Other Activityin FocusCompletion
Ritual of Abundant Knowledge, 80%+1-3Progress
Ritual of Personal Reflection, 80%+1-3Progress
Ritual of the Spoken Word, 80%+1-3Progress
Master Morning Rituals, 80%+1-3Progress
Master Daily Rituals, 80%+1-3Progress
Master Evening Rituals, 80%+1-3Progress
Master Weekend Rituals, 80%+1-3Progress
Master Emotions & Meaning, 80%+1-3Progress
Read books from this bookshelf1-3Progress
Improve Wheel of My Life, hit 60%+1Progress
Improve Wheel of My Life, hit 80%+2
Fulfill Wheel of My Life, hit 100%3
YearDate of
a) Self-Discoveryin FocusCompletion
Get clear on my current Reality12016-09-30
Get clear about my Personality12016-09-30
Get clear on my Vision, Purpose & BIG WHY12016-09-30
Get clear on my Values, Needs & Passions12016-09-30
Develop my Philosophy to Life12016-09-30
Create 'My Life in Flash of a Moment' board12016-09-30
Ritual of Congruent Character 80%+1-3Progress
Category Averages: Belief - 8; Desire - 9.4; Priority A. Cost Expected: £3,070
(self, intimate, family, friends, public space)
YearDate of
a) Own Spacein FocusCompletion
Ritual of Solitude, daily meditation 100%1-3End of life
YearDate of
a) Partner / Spousein FocusCompletion
Surprise, with a special (meaningful) gift2
YearDate of
a) Parentsin FocusCompletion
Surprise (but not gifts or things)3
YearDate of
b) Siblings & Their Familyin FocusCompletion
Go to a seaside with goddaughter1
Go on international trip with sister1
Create a moment of a lifetime with me & my sister2
Teach my goddaughter a meaningful lesson for life3
Gift something meaningful for life to sister's son3
Have an adventurous activity with sister's husband3
YearDate of
c) Relativesin FocusCompletion
Visit cousin in Norway, at his new home12017-04-16
Take my godparents to a beautiful, meaningful place2
Boat trip with all cousins, around Scottish mountains 2
Host family & relatives gathering / event3
YearDate of
d) Deep Friendshipsin FocusCompletion
Re-connect with a friend from teenage years1Progress
Make a surprise visit to special friends in UK2
Share value for life, with my young special friend2
Have an adventurous activity with a friend from UK2
Make a trip to St. Lucia, with a friend & his family2
Join a special friend on Himalaya trip 3
Make a surprise visit to a special friend in Singapore3
YearDate of
a) Friends, Communities, Groups, Work, Teamin FocusCompletion
Re-connect with 4 friends from earlier days1Progress
Give a meaningful gift to a friend1
Support a friend in a moment of struggle1-3Progress
Inspire a friend to his/her best in life1-3Progress
Make a surprise visit to friends in UK2
Help a team member grow in a career and / or in life2
Organize a gathering with special people in my life2
Make a surprise visit to friends in India3
Make a surprise visit to friends in New Zealand3
Make a surprise visit to friends in Australia3
Make a surprise visit to someone I know in Georgia3
YearDate of
a) Somewhat familiar with, but do not know wellin FocusCompletion
Surprise my neighbours2
YearDate of
a) Online Contacts, by-passer on a street, othersin FocusCompletion
Challenge my habit of private & guarded living1Progress
Meet in person 10 new friends, for meaningful time1
Help a public service provider feel appreciated2
Have inspiring, meaningful conversation w/stranger2
Meet online contact in person2
Challenge my 'fear of rejection', 1 month2
Meet in person 20 new friends, for meaningful time2
Propose to 20 girls in public, with a ring-pop2
Make a woman on a street feel special 3
Meet in person 30 new friends, for meaningful time3
Inspire a sad stranger to smile & shine 3
YearDate of
a) My Iconsin FocusCompletion
Meet V. Lakhiani, shake hand & thank from a heart3
Meet R. Sharma, shake hand & thank from a heart3
Meet T. Robbins, shake hand & thank from a heart3
Category Averages: Belief - 10; Desire - 10; Priority A. Cost Expected: £130
(organize, goals, systems, productivity, tracking)
YearDate of
a) Clear the Clutter & Organizein FocusCompletion
Clear the clutter & organize my PC12016-10-30
Clear the clutter & organize my emails12016-10-30
Clear the clutter & organize my phone12016-10-30
Clear the clutter & organize my living space12016-10-30
Clear the clutter & organize my belongings12016-10-30
YearDate of
a) Planning the Next 3 Yearsin FocusCompletion
Put together my 3 yrs goals, plans & to-do's12016-10-30
Plan my effective, balanced daily routines 12016-10-30
Plan my effective, balanced weekly routines 12016-10-30
Plan my effective balanced monthly routines12016-10-30
Plan my round-the-world travel adventures1
YearDate of
a) Freedom from Daily Activitiesin FocusCompletion
Automate effective daily activity routines12016-10-30
Automate effective weekly activity routines12016-10-30
Automate effective social activities1
Automate effective life tracking activities12016-10-30
Automate effective healthy regular meal plans1
Automate effective yearly supplementation plans1
Automate effective exercise activities1
Automate effective performance tracking activities12016-10-30
YearDate of
a) Productivityin FocusCompletion
Achieve PC weekly productivity 80%+1-3Progress
Achieve personal productivity of 80 (currently: 61)1-3Progress
Participate in Manage My Time Challenge1
Participate in Beat Procrastination Challenge1
Participate in 100 Day Challenge2
Experience PhotoReading3
Category Averages: Belief - 8.3; Desire - 9.5; Priority A. Cost Expected: £5,000 (to begin with)
(lifetime projects, skills, achievements)
YearDate of
a) Projects of My Lifetimein FocusCompletion
Bucket List with a Meaning1-3Progress
The Inspired Lifestyle of an Ideal Day1-3Progress
Can I Fail Project (turn my life around, start w/£5K)1-3Progress
Write a book3
YearDate of
b) Other Possible Projectsin FocusCompletion
Create / take part in Personality Exchange Project1
Create a project to inspire struggling traders2
Create an inspiring project for people of my country3
YearDate of
a) Skills for a Lifetimein FocusCompletion
Marketing course(s) & mentorship1
Develop on-camera video performance skills1
Improve communication skills1
Take public speaking course2
Take writing course3
YearDate of
a) Projects Achievementsin FocusCompletion
Community: 3,000+1Progress
Mentor & coach 8+ like-minded people1
Interview 10 interesting people on relative topics1
Build life-management systems, to also serve others1Progress
Community: 10,000+2
Mentor & coach 31+ like-minded people2
Interview 20 interesting people on relative topics2
Mastermind Alliance with 5 awesome people2
Community: 20,000+3
Mentor & coach 61+ like-minded people3
Interview 30 interesting people on relative topics3
Recognition & professional brand created3
YearDate of
b) Personal Achievementsin FocusCompletion
Ideal Day Lifestyle 80%+1-3Progress
Inspired Month Lifestyle 80%+1-3Progress
Public speaking experience in front of 100+2
Interviewed on a radio3
Published in a magazine3
Appeared on a TV3
YearDate of
c) Bucket List Achievementsin FocusCompletion
Hit 80%+ Physical Body & Environment Goals1-3Progress
Hit 80%+ Meaning & Emotions Goals1-3Progress
Hit 90%+ Time & Productivity Goals1-3Progress
Hit 80%+ Mission, Work & Achievement Goals1-3Progress
Hit 80%+ Wealth & Finance Goals1-3Progress
Hit 80%+ Give & Spiritual Goals1-3Progress
Hit 70%+ Celebrate & Life Experience Goals1-3Progress
Hit 80%+ People & Relationships Goals 1-3Progress
Tick off 80% from Bucket List, 2017 Goals1Progress
Tick off 80% from Bucket List, 2018 Goals2Progress
Tick off 80% from Bucket List, 2019 Goals3Progress
Category Averages: Belief - 7; Desire - 9.5; Priority A-B. Cost Expected: £7,850
(passions income, money, manifestation, luxury)
YearDate of
a) Personalin FocusCompletion
Implement wealthy money management system1
Achieve lifestyle of financial freedom2Progress
Connect with wealthy people2
Achieve my wealth status3Progress
YearDate of
b) P.P.I. Incomesin FocusCompletion
1 source of regular PASSIONS (P.) income1
1 source of regular PASSIVE (P.) income1
Successful INVESTMENTS, £2,000+ in NET profits1Progress
Receive £3,000+ NET through P.P. incomes1
2 sources of regular PASSIONS (P.) income2
2 sources of regular PASSIVE (P.) income2
Successful INVESTMENTS, £5,000+ in NET profits2
Receive £10,000+ NET through P.P. incomes2
3 sources of regular PASSIONS (P.) income3
3 sources of regular PASSIVE (P.) income3
Successful INVESTMENTS, £10,000+ in NET profits3
Receive £20,000+ NET through P.P. incomes3
YearDate of
a) Wealthy Experiencesin FocusCompletion
Dining under water experience3
'What's it Like to Manage $1,000,000' experience3
1st class flight experience3
Wealthy lifestyle experience3
Limousine experience3
Drive a Ferrari experience3
Rich shopping experience 3
Private Jet experience3
Category Averages: Belief - 9; Desire - 9.7; Priority A. Cost Expected: £4,300
(help, contribute, share, grow, peace)
YearDate of
a) Spiritual & Meditationin FocusCompletion
Visit Damanhur, Italy1
Join Soulvana with Asha Gill, 3-months2
Meditate in a cave of Himalayas3
Learn to see auras 3
Buddhist Monastery experience3
YearDate of
a) Onlinein FocusCompletion
Create 50 Thought of the Day videos1Progress
Create 10 valuable written guides / contents1Progress
Help 5 people start meditation, and support1
Give 50-hours of my time to help someone in need1Progress
Help 3 people to build inspired lifestyle1
Create 20 valuable written guides / contents2
Create 50 Thought of the Day videos2
Give 50-hours of my time to help someone in need2
Help 10 people start meditation, and support2
Help 5 people to build inspired lifestyle2
Launch 1 'Help & Contribute' community project2
Create 20 valuable written guides / contents3
Create 50 Thought of the Day videos3
Give 50-hours of my time to help someone in need3
Help 15 people start meditation, and support3
Help 7 people to build inspired lifestyle3
YearDate of
b) Offlinein FocusCompletion
Help someone build a house or a building1Progress
Help a complete stranger for a good1
Contribute my time to a local community1
Feed 1 family over Xmas period1
Help someone to deal with health challenge1
Help with works in eco-village2
WorkAway experience2
Feed 3 families over Xmas period2
Talk to an elder in elder's home2
Visit children without parental care, share, inspire2
Feed 6 families over Xmas period3
Take part in contribution project in Nepal3
Organize a social event for local community3
YearDate of
c) Anyhowin FocusCompletion
Inspire a child to dream1-3Progress
Positively touch 50+ ppl through my acts of kindness1Progress
Send flowers (or meaningful gift) to 12 strangers 1Progress
Donate for a cause1
Positively touch 50+ ppl through my acts of kindness2
Send flowers (or meaningful gift) to 12 strangers 2
Donate for a cause2
Positively touch 50+ ppl through my acts of kindness3
Send flowers (or meaningful gift) to 12 strangers 3
Donate for a cause3
Category Averages: Belief - 7.7; Desire - 9.7; Priority A. Cost Expected: £21,715
(travel, fun, adventure, life experience)
YearDate of
a) Countriesin FocusCompletion
Greece 1
Norway (to re-visit)12017-04-16
Lithuania (explore)1Progress
UK & Wales (to re-visit)2
Sweden (to re-visit)2
St. Lucia2
France (to re-visit)2
India (Himalaya)3
New Zealand3
Georgia 3
Philippines 3
YearDate of
b) Blood-Pumping Adventuresin FocusCompletion
Rock climbing (outdoors)1
Free-fall from a sky (skydiving)2
Krav-Maga experience, 1 month2
White water rafting or kayak 2
Grand Canyon Trail Rides2
Wing walking2
Mountain biking3
Most extreme bungee jumping3
Scuba-diving experience3
Skywalk, China3
Motorcycle around Himalayas 3
Sailing through a storm3
Jet Fighter pilot for a day3
A surfing experience3
YearDate of
a) Naturalin FocusCompletion
Most beautiful Sunrise1Progress
Most beautiful Sunset1Progress
Darkness of the Cave1
A Famous Waterfall1
A True Winter Paradise2
Heat of the Volcano 2
Northern Lights 2
Silence & peace on the Summit3
A Majestic River3
A Jungle3
A Desert3
Watch moon, stars & earth, in peace... from above3
YearDate of
b) Places & Eventsin FocusCompletion
Attend interesting event in Lithuania1
Running with the Bulls, Spain1
Acropolis, Athens1
Colloseum, Rome, Italy1
Blue Mosque, Istanbul1
Lion King musical, London2
A night at Kolabryn eco-lodge 2
Moulin Rouge cabaret, France2
Disneyland, Florida2
Awesomeness Fest, MindValley 3
Holi event, India3
YearDate of
c) Animal & Wildlifein FocusCompletion
Visit a zoo in Kaunas, like in childhood days1
Swim with dolphins (wild, NOT captured)2
Witness magical life under the sea3
Sounds of millions birds & animals, wake up to a day3
Lion walk experience3
Safari experience3
Ride an elephant3
YearDate of
d) Life & Peoplein FocusCompletion
Attend a concert or music festival1
Sit by the fire with real Native American2
Experience life of Japanese Samurai3
Experience life of a true Tribal man3
YearDate of
e) Otherin FocusCompletion
Ritual of Music 80%+1-3Progress
I Loved My Day 80%+1-3Progress
Celebrate My Week 80%+1-3Progress
Capture a moment1Progress
A headstand, in 3 interesting locations1Progress
Hobbies, End of Year 60%+1Progress
Ride sports bike2
Ride Harley-Davidson2
Do a proper backflip 2
A headstand, in 3 interesting locations2
Hobbies, End of Year 70%+2
A headstand, in 4 interesting locations3
Professional photoshoot experience3
Watch movies on big screen for 3 days + fun-eating 3
Hobbies, End of Year 80%+3
Learn to dance 3
Modelling experience3
Dance on stage in front of 100+ (and worry not)3
Hitchhiking experience3