To Positively Touch 150 People Through the Acts of Kindness

As part of CanIFail, a 3-year project, I'm... giving (free).

Anything to make your life easier, to share a joyful moment, a smile or a surprise - if I am capable of doing it, I will.

We will.

I Give


I give 30 minutes of my time, 3 days a week, for free. To anyone who might need my help.



I give flowers, once a month, for free. To anyone, anywhere in the world who needs to feel love the most, today.

"If my days are designed for growth, and to serve the other, could I ever fail to live?"
– William V Vysniauskas
How to create a lifestyle of an ideal day. Free webinar with the only 'sales' pitch ' - 30min of my time for free. I'll share what I know, you help me learn about me. Win-win, for free. Only because, I am just starting.  

1hr a day, 4 days a week, help 1 person. Choose from 3 sections:

Wealth (submit)
Purpose (submit)
Peace (submit)

1hr a day, once a week, group meditation session

Plus I give flowers once a month, as part of my Bucket List (link)

Contents (like a blog)

Interviewing people
Personality exchange project

I must define, be very specific on how exactly can I help someone through my 1-hr given. What's my highest skill? Filter 'is this going to work' where decision comes based on numerous studies of greatest minds in our history.

"If I stuck at anything find person with same problem and help both overcome that problem. Cos it just works, as simple as it is" N. Hill. So if you feel you stuck in something, reach out, let's see if we can help each other push through this step. Here is what I need help with: