To Positively Touch 150 People Through the Acts of Kindness

As part of CanIFail, a 3-year project, I give flowers, once a month, for free. To anyone, anywhere in the world who needs to feel love the most, today.

Do you know of someone who deserves a gift of appreciation or a note of love, to reach them, unexpectedly?

Let's make their day better, share a joyful moment, a smile and a surprise, together.


A Meaning Behind

A Deeper Meaning

I questioned, should my time was limited to 3 years only, would I not like to leave this place knowing I was able to make someone's life better, through my existence?

What would be a point of living, if I hadn't?

A Selfish Reason

During the Self-Discovery stage I kept coming up with a following statement. I learned that to me, 'helping other people feels genuinely rewarding, and I find doing things for others is a form of self-fulfillment rather than self-sacrifice.' Apparently, I score 89% in Altruism.

From a personal point of view, I can add: if I'm to walk through the journey of life without being able to help, give & contribute... I think I'd feel very (very) empty, in the end...
Flowers Given
Testimonials Received

Smiles Shared

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Making It Happen

The idea of this gift is to find people who really do need it the most, today.

Be it an abandoned child, a girl who just broke up from a relationship, a guy who is fighting for life, an elder who is feeling lonely. Or just about anyone who deserved a note of appreciation. 

Priorities will be given to requests with a heartfelt description, why you feel your friend (or yourself) would be a best candidate to receive this gift.

Reach out by completing a form below, and I will reply to you within 24hrs of receiving your message.

We will take it from there.
I enthusiastically recommend William to anyone interested in getting a job down right the first time. William is professional and dedicated in all his tasks. I have enjoyed working beside William and respect his integrity along with his many talents.
Debbie Hartman
Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice

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Why exactly are you doing this? What's in it for you?
The reasons to 'why' are given above, please review.

I'm not asking for anything in return, just a picture with a smile of a recipient. And (if possible) a honest feedback or experience sharing.

I see it as: if I can make someone's day better, to surprise & share a smile, to me this would be a solid confirmation that I am living a life of my purpose, a life true to my personality. While following my heart.

A feedback/testimonial and a picture from the one who received this gift would be an encouraging proof that I'm on a right track. And, should this campaign develop into something bigger, I hope it will also become a source of inspiration for others to perform the acts of kindness, in their own ways, too.

In addition, it is only through your feedback/photos that, in the end of this journey, I will be able to know I have worked on, and completed my mission - to positively touch 150 people through my acts of kindness.

I see 'giving flowers' to be one of such acts.
Will you send flowers to a recipient in any country?
Wherever you are, wherever they are, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure the sun is shining in every parts of our planet. Which means, there are flowers, out there as well. Which means, they just need to find the way, travel to somebody’s heart. And make their day.

That being said, it is possible that we may still face challenges in some of the worldwide countries (the location, the service, the cost, etc). In such case we will discuss, and find, the best ways to still make it happen. 

If a reason is strong, if someone really do need us, and if there is a pure wish, then I'm sure there will always be the way!

With our hearts wide-open, while holding hands, together… we can never fail.