To Positively Touch 150 People Through the Acts of Kindness

As part of CanIFail, a 3-year project, I'm giving 30 minutes of my time, 3 days a week, for free. To anyone who might need my help.

Anything to make your life easier, or your day better - if I am capable of doing it, I will.

We will.
Natural Skills
Strategic & accurate thinking
Logic & problem solving

Simplifying complex theories
Creative thinking
I Love
Detailed planning & execution
System develop & automation

Organising & orderliness
Lifestyle management
Know How
Time management
Money budgeting
Carpentry & DIY

WordPress website basics
Marketing & sales
Excel & charts
Healthy living (vegan)
Meditation & peace

Challenging status-quo
Philosophy & psychology
Community projects


A Meaning Behind

A Deeper Meaning

I questioned, should my time was limited to 3 years only, would I not like to leave this place knowing I was able to make someone's life better, through my existence?

What would be a point of living, if I hadn't?

A Selfish Reason

During the Self-Discovery stage I kept coming up with a following statement. I learned that to me, 'helping other people feels genuinely rewarding, and I find doing things for others is a form of self-fulfillment rather than self-sacrifice.' Apparently, I score 89% in Altruism.

From a personal point of view, I can add: if I'm to walk through the journey of life without being able to help, give & contribute... I think I'd feel very (very) empty, in the end...

Too, I see the 'giving' part to play an important part in my own personal growth. Only through sharing myself with the others, will I ever be able to know whether I can be helpful, and where I need to seek for my own improvements. 

My Top 4

Systems & Organise

As INTJ Personality, my brain is wired to approach life in most strategic & logic ways possible.

It takes me no effort to organise, plan, automate the routines, execute & manage just about anything what can be managed.

Having it all designed to lead into a better, easier, happier & more productive living.

Marketing & Technology

Can't claim I'm an expert here, but marketing, human psychology & technology are the areas I really do love exploring. 

Since 2010 I have completed various online marketing courses, and worked with several local businesses. 

Most you see me doing throughout this campaign, is a result of what I know.

Carpentry & DIY

For over 10 years I've worked as a carpenter in the UK. And have taken on just about every carpentry work there is, during my career.

In addition, I have also run and managed several property development projects, where I've learned & developed other trades, home building & DIY skills.

Feel free to ask for any guides, or advice.

Health & Wellness

This one is a passion I cannot dismiss. Learn it, live it, share it, give it, be it, for as long as this life goes on. 

Wellness to me is everything ranging from physical health, to mental health, and all the way to spiritual health.

A result? A connection with oneself, and the ability to do whatever you set your mind to (regardless of your age). Health is wealth.
Hours Given
People Helped
Testimonials Received


Making It Happen

We would meet for 30 minutes.on Skype, 1-on-1.

The Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6.30pm UK time.
Or Saturday at 9am UK time.

(if these times are not convenient, feel free to suggest. But bare in mind, other given could be more challenging)

Reach out by completing a form below, and I will reply to you within 24hrs of receiving your message.

We will take it from there.
I enthusiastically recommend William to anyone interested in getting a job down right the first time. William is professional and dedicated in all his tasks. I have enjoyed working beside William and respect his integrity along with his many talents.
Debbie Hartman
Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice

What Can I Help With

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Why exactly are you doing this? What's in it for you?
The reasons to 'why' are given above, please review.

I'm not asking for anything in return, just your honest feedback. If possible, in writing (even better, audio or video). Good or bad, as long as it's a honest feedback, to me it would be an invaluable gift.

I see it as: if I can use my natural skills & my experience to help make someone's day better, to add value & to deliver, to me this would be a solid confirmation that I am living a life of my purpose, a life true to my personality and to my true potentials. While following my heart.

Your feedback/testimonial would be an encouraging proof that I'm on a right track. And, should this campaign develop into something bigger, I hope it will also become a source of inspiration for others to perform the acts of kindness, in their own ways, too.

In addition, it is only through your feedback that, in the end of it, I will be able to know I have worked on, and completed my mission - to positively touch 150 people through my acts of kindness.

I see giving '30mins of my time' to be one of such acts.
How are your ways better than other available elsewhere on the internet?
Quite frankly, I would not know.

There sure are plenty guides on just about anything we need to accomplish in life. To the extent where we now suffer from information overload, rather than lack of it. But if this approach usually feels overwhelming (a fact) and it freezes us from taking any action, then how does it help, exactly?

I'd imagine that speaking to a real person, talking about your specific challenge, trying to figure things out together, on a spot, it would be more helpful than just reading some article online. And doing little about it.

But to answer your question, I'm 100% sure there are better guides on how to do things elsewhere (there always is, something better somewhere). I'm here to help in best, most practical ways that I found are working for myself, and others who used my help. 
Aren't you going to try to sell me anything?
Good question, I'd also be wondering! You can rest assured, there is nothing to sell during these sessions. In fact, right now I don't even have anything to sell to you, even if I wanted to.
If I'm to ask help with anything personal, is my information safe?
Absolutely. It's all about helping, and making things happen. In your life, as well as mine. No playing games. Should it be necessary, we can sign a disclaimer form or discuss other ways. Whichever works best for you.