Freedom. Courage. Rebel.

no regrets

We walked a path of struggles, yet we still are standing. We failed but never gave up dreaming. Someone said we shouldn’t even try, but we grew up hungry.

And a day is coming when we’re alone no more


To connect with lonely freedom fighters, peaceful rebels and brave souls.

To join our forces, skills and talents, and create the lifestyles of our ideal days.

To break out from social lack and walk a journey of purpose, wealth and peace instead. Without fail.

To build a €1,000,000 project, us all together, and circulate 100% of that income* inside of community to support OUR own growth.

No more “fitting in”. No more alone.

A Confession

Hi, I'm Visvaldas (but I go by the name William). I'm 39. and I’ll be honest — I’m tired pushing life alone, I feel sick of lack and limitations, and I had enough of failing.

No one knows for sure why some of us are born to build a legacy on a path full of fame, success. While some others few are here to find the ways, a breakthrough, to rise and shine from struggles and failures of our past.

I don’t know what guided you all the way to here, or what is a story of your life. Are you fulfilled?

As I review a journey of mine, I notice this road was not laid in stones of glory.
Since early childhood, I was that kid who seemed no one could understand. Making my own days, rebelling the adult ways, always questioning what's right or wrong, fighting against the suggested social norms.

Trying to fit in, even though I tried, it never worked. For years I felt living like an alien (as if I know how aliens live)
And then I grew up. Failed career attempts, pushing to the limits, almost losing all. Indulging into personal development world but getting crushed by information overload. To escape the old, I took on a spiritual path. Locked myself away for weeks in silence, isolation. Travelled places across the globe. Yet, no matter how far I searched or how hard I tried to break out from the lack and limitations, alone, I couldn’t.

Harsh Reality

Regardless of what we are taught in a society, or how much access to the information and experts we have today, 76% of us still end this life with deep regrets. Over 80% of new ventures fail during the first ten years. 23% go out of business because of the wrong people.

The old “social norms” model is a risky, lonely path filled with struggles, lack and broken hopes. Is this what you experienced too?

Could we not—at least—try a different way?

Collective Journey through Purpose, Wealth and Peace

“Why all this struggle? Why keep on trying, pushing, fighting... failing?” I still remember that early summer morning in 2016. Laying in cold bed, realising I’ve failed my life. Feeling nothing. Not even a desire to live.
“What if you had only 3 years to live? How would you go about your days… starting from now?”
This single question has the power to change the way you go about your days forever. To give you wings, stand back up again, and fly.

Who are you? Why were you given this gift called “life”? What is a gift you’re here to give back to life? What projects of your lifetime are you here to build, create? And legacy to shape?

Can you do it all alone? Haven’t you already tried?

About a €1,000,000 Project

Since that day in 2016, I’ve been working on developing a no-fail journey to a fulfilling lifestyle. A journey backed up by the wisdom of greatest masters, the science and years of personal experience. It’s what pulled me out of my own deathbed and transformed this life forever.
I know, without a shadow of a doubt, what I created will reach the masses. Not only will it help us live more fulfilling days, but it’ll also serve the generations yet to come.

Two Choices

As carefully reviewing and planning on every detail I realise my available two choices to bring this special work into the world are:
Follow the old “social norms” model
Hire an outsider developer, pay for advertising and feed Facebook, sell the product, grow a business, employ more people, reap personal rewards.
Take on a new, “grow-together” model
Connect with hungry like-minded individuals and create the lifestyles of our ideal days. Join our forces, skills and talents to build a €1,000,000 project together. Circulate 100% of that income* within a community to support OUR own growth and never experience the lack again.
Weighting down on both options, I figure it’s against my nature to follow the ways of old. It never worked for me since childhood, I doubt it’ll ever work in future days.

Why share the profits with outsider teams, experts or by feeding advertising companies? Why even try to mimic everybody else’s ways that have such high rates of failure? Why keep on pushing it alone and seek for self-centred rewards?

It makes no sense. So I refuse.


Yes, even though I walked a thousand miles away from where I was not long ago—lost, empty and depressed—today I still live a life of lack. Not giving myself to others on a scale I’m capable to give. Limitations due to financial lack. Or lack of fun as pushing through a daily life alone.

Can you relate?

Because let me tell you, such situation ain’t here to stay for long. We’ve already struggled more than we ever needed. NO MORE. Because this is where we’ll soon to be: 

Create Together?

As a result of what you and I have the power to build no one in our families and community will experience the lack again. We’ll live to give and share, collectively, a lifestyle of purpose, wealth and peace instead.

I'm looking to connect with other lonely freedom fighters, peaceful rebels and brave souls. To join our forces, skills and talents, and create our ideal together.

While mastering one day at a time, and without fail.

Who do you know?
PS: we don’t have 100 years left to live.