"Dedicating this life to developing a No-Fail journey into a lifestyle of 80%+ our ideal days."

I am not a coach or a guru, nor that I’m here to play ‘you need me to help you live’ game.
However, I can share my unusual ways and ‘self-accountability’ tools to empower you to take better care of your days, and master every area of this life. One day at a time. Without fail.
Nothing delivers more progress in your personal growth than ensuring you have a self-fulfilling way (which YOU can own) to how approach each given day. Don’t gamble your lifetime and risk ending final hours with deep regrets.
Dare to venture into the world of your ideal by ensuring that you have a solid blueprint for crafting your current reality, inspiring future, and ultimately – a lasting Legacy.
...I can help you figure how.
...because that's why I exist. 


By the way you start each morning: in-line with your own true self, your ultimate life's direction, and knowing exactly how you’re to get there.

By a day full-packed with self-fulfilling habits, to walk you through a journey of purpose, wealth, and peace. While remaining laser-focused, disciplined & confident.

By a sense of inner-peace deep inside your chest, as laying in your evening's bed. Because you KNOW you lived it to your highest given best, for yourself and for the other. 

By a lifestyle designed to help us grow, to give, to live. One which not only does feel good, but it also IS good for you, good for others, and it serves a greater good. 
And by imprinting your unique life’s story, every step of the way.
At CanIFail.com I am committed to put my over 10 years personal growth & lifetime experience into developing a no-fail journey to Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™.

I also focus on helping those who seek for practical, self-accountable ways to craft their own reality, inspiring future, and ultimately – a lasting Legacy.

I will share with you solid, approved by world’s greatest and the science, personally inhabited methods to help you mindfully manage your ways. Through self-fulfilling days.
"We shall stand (strongly, madly, insanely!) against the ultimate failure of life. And NOT END ours with deep regrets."
– William V Vysniauskas


I'm William V Vysniauskas (real-name 'Visvaldas' but I go by 'William', for obviously 'easier' reasons), a creator of Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™ approach which I believe will soon to change the way we go about our days, forever. 

I am also someone who had to search long and hard on this personal growth journey. I know how difficult it can be to figure all this 'my life' related stuff, forget about to actually trying to live those learned enlightening values (that we know we can) on daily basis. 
Here's What I Do:
I dedicate 100% of current-self to mastering my own days and developing a no-fail journey of Purpose, Wealth & Peace to be shared with like-minded who too are hungry to create a more fulfilling future; one that is predictable, enriched, regret-free, and full of peace of mind.

Removing the fear of the unknown, I encourage people to take control of their days and better manage important daily questions (in their own minds) as well as daily activities so that they can enjoy a mindful living and continue to discover themselves while staying strong against whatever life throws their way.
Here's How I Got Started:
Born in Lithuania, 1980. Abusive childhood. Ugly teenage, and wild young days. Independent life in a foreign country (UK), from age 18. Entering into the days of ‘social norms’ – well-paid job, nice car, fit body, girlfriends. Own house, pay bills. Enjoy. Be happy? It never worked. 

But what is 'happy'? Or life, about? What is a purpose to us all?

Attempts to succeed in the worlds of the internet, sales and marketing. Working with local businesses. Taking chance to win against financial markets. Dropped out somewhere along the way. Simply put, failed them all. Today I know: was not my thing.

Why this struggle, pain, suffering, chaos?

Stepping on a spiritual path. 45 days in silence. 50 days in isolation. Digging deep. Searching close, and across the globe. Still lack... CAN'T our life be different? More real? Fulfilling? And peaceful? A little lighter?
"It was through these experiences that I committed to find a better way of going about our given days."
Last heavy 'blow' in summer 2016. To force take all the wisdom learned from world's greatest personal growth & spiritual masters, and put it into action. A birth of Ideal Day Lifestyle Blueprint. Over past 2 years I performed over 300 empowering self-checks, every single day. And a quality of this life turned upside-rightside-leftside-down.

Today I'm committed to finding like-minded freedom fighters, peaceful rebels and brave souls. To help us all connected on this journey take control of, and master our days. 

To design our lasting Legacies, and finish strong. Without regrets.

"It is my hope that you will embark on this journey with me."
I'm here to reach-out to you. And to be reached-out-to. As from my years of trial-and-error experience, I can promise my lessons learned from Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™ journey will too transform your days. Let's connect and create something beautifully unique, together.
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