Be True to Yourself (too many mouse)

Nowadays we are exposed to so much information uploaded on the internet every second. It varies from social media comments, tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, forum conversations and so on… Due to this overwhelming overload, it’s easy to get lost. “Be true to yourself”, what was once natural it can now be great challenge.

Many people (including myself) from all around the globe are sharing their stuff. In abundance. I’m sure you are well aware of it.

Here, a question:

After going through all that buzz, how quickly can you detect someone who is obviously not feeling comfortable in their own shoes? Trying to appear bigger and better than he/she currently is? 

Agree, we all have to start somewhere. Yet, does this need to come through a lie? A lie to myself, and the others? 

I contemplated on this topic after writing a Thought of the Day earlier on ‘Realistic Expectations’. It made me look inside, to get clear on what I’m doing here myself. And how I’m too to appear publicly.

With all the honesty, at this stage I can openly admit – today I am still trying.

Somewhere deep I know – it will not be like this forever. We can master just about anything, if we stay on a course long enough.

But right now, things are as they are. So no denying, or running away from the reality. 

Therefore, my plea:

If you ever catch me hard-trying to be someone I’m obviously not, you stop me. Just say I suck. Deal? 

Be True to Yourself

There are too many ‘masked up’ mouse on the internet already, trying to be someone else. I do not want to join that fake-party. I’m okay to be a mouse. And to keep on walking in my own shoes. Not somebody else’s lie. Until the shoes become too small, and I go shopping for a bigger size. 

No need to keep on going by pretending. Be true to yourself. I’ll be true to myself. And the world will remain true, to itself.

Through each, and every-special one of us.