Bucket List

With a Meaning

 Inspired by the idea of '3 years to live'

Designed around the Pyramid of Mastery

To create an inspiring lifestyle of purpose, wealth & peace. To fulfill all areas of life-mastery. 

To contribute to our world using recourses of given skills, time, creativity & monetary. To share a deeper meaning. To help & inspire. To lead by example.

Not to just travel places and have fun. But to experience the Ultimate best.
Making a list of 1,000 Must's Before I Die may be an achievable reality for some few. For the rest of us, this approach is as good as if to believe in Unicorns.

Try, "What would my Must's be, if I had only 3 years to live?" Rate by your Belief, Desire, Priority levels. Find a Cost. Break it down into yearly goals.

No more daydreaming. 
If you cannot know, by a quick look at your entire Bucket List:

the Total Activity, the Activities in Progress, the Activities Done, the Cost Expected, the Cost Actual & your Bucket List Journey, month-by-month...

...then you might have taken on a long journey, without a clear map. Create a story in 5 simple charts.
"To live an extraordinary life, you must know where you are and where you want to be – and the Pyramid of Mastery is your map for closing the gap and creating the life you deserve."
–Tony Robbins
"To live an extraordinary life, you must know where you are and where you want to be – and the Pyramid of Mastery is your map for closing the gap and creating the life you deserve."
–Tony Robbins
My Bucket List is about what I want to become (images)
Chart - progress About Image (Pyramid)
My 1st year goals based on this Bucket List (link to goals page) 
A Story Behind Idea
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When I first came across the Bucket List idea, and started noting my Must's Before I Die, very quickly I begun to feel as if something important is to be missing. I was looking at a written list of several hundred activities, scratching my head, asking a question, "WHAT are my chances to experience them... all?"

It dawned on me:

Under no circumstances I'd want to reach the end of my days, feeling that I missed out on so many things I've written on that list! 

What would be a point of creating the opportunity for such regret to come up? Just because I wanted to dream big? Without ever having a strategy, or a realistic approach to help me materialise my dreams?

Furthermore, how many of those activities are really a dream of mine? And how many are just an idea borrowed from somewhere else? Perhaps, an idea to mean little, if anything, to what I want to experience in my own lifetime?

Soon I realized - travelling places and having fun, while too are important, yet they are not the only activities I'd like to see in this Bucket List. These alone felt somehow... empty. And meaningless.

"What if I'm to throw in my health, personal development, relationships, financial goals as well? To go along with fun stuff... would that still work?" I wondered.

There, I remembered Unleash the Power Within seminar with Tony Robbins, I attended a year ago. A vision of the Pyramid of Mastery popped into a mind. Quickly I found a workbook from a seminar and opened up a chapter. To stare at a page for a long, long time.

"Perfect. Just perfect", was thinking to myself, while trying to piece together everything what was running through a mind.

The '3 years to live' idea, this campaign, a Bucket List with a meaning, and all I learned from years of studying countless personal growth & life-mastery materials. It felt, this time around, they all finally came into the same place together.

What happened next, is what you can find on this page, and witness throughout the entire Can I Fail campaign.

While not an easy journey, full of uncertainty about the future ahead and (healthy) amount of doubts today... yet, I can now see how it is already happening.

And I'm here looking forward to find out, what's next.

Journey in Charts

These are the progress results as stood in the end of June 2017. Results on a website are updated monthly.

The WHY's


Fit, healthy, injury free, full of energy body. New experiences & fun. A place to live the Ideal Day Lifestyle.


To benefit from, and enjoy a journey of never-ending growth. Life true to my purpose & character.


To enhance & nourish happy, healthy relationships with myself, people close to me & the world.


To get the most out of my days through productive, organised lifestyle. Have clear plans to create future.


To complete projects of my lifetime, by taking massive action towards success & achievements.


To achieve financial freedom through passion incomes. To aim for an experience of a wealthy lifestyle.

Give & Spiritual

To attain the highest feeling of fulfillment through  spiritual activities, acts of kindness & serving others.


To enjoy fruits of hard work, and to experience this life in ways that are most rewarding, fun & special.

Bucket List

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Category Averages: Belief - 9.7; Desire - 9.8; Priority A. Cost Expected: £4,325 [jtrt_tables id="2189"]
Category Averages: Belief - 9.4; Desire - 9.6; Priority A. Cost Expected: £840 [jtrt_tables id="2191"]
Category Averages: Belief - 8; Desire - 9.4; Priority A. Cost Expected: £3,070 [jtrt_tables id="2194"]
Category Averages: Belief - 10; Desire - 10; Priority A. Cost Expected: £130 [jtrt_tables id="2195"]
Category Averages: Belief - 8.3; Desire - 9.5; Priority A. Cost Expected: £5,000 (to begin with) [jtrt_tables id="2196"]
Category Averages: Belief - 7; Desire - 9.5; Priority A-B. Cost Expected: £7,850 [jtrt_tables id="2197"]
Category Averages: Belief - 9; Desire - 9.7; Priority A. Cost Expected: £4,300 [jtrt_tables id="2198"]
Category Averages: Belief - 7.7; Desire - 9.7; Priority A. Cost Expected: £21,715 [jtrt_tables id="2199"]