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“If a world-class mentor guided you every step of the way, would you succeed?”
Why daily checklist is a key to life mastery efforts

Word from a founder

“How could I live these enlightening virtues every day?”

This question popped into my mind while reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari book by Robin Sharma. Staring at pages full of notes in my hands I realised I no longer will be able to continue the old ways. “How? How? How?”

My very first life mastery blueprint was born in a peaceful ashram in India, 2014. A simple daily checklist designed around virtues of the enlightening living. Created and re-created over time. Crafted around the wisdom of the world’s greatest masters. Shaped through dynamic personal experiences.

For years I’ve studied self-help and life mastery materials. While a transformational journey, it was also a road full of mentally exhausting challenges. Those painfully overwhelming periods when I felt frozen from information overload are still alive in my memories.

Today I’m no longer stressed as used to be. Rarely now I suffer from distractions or a lack of focus. I know who I am and where I’m going. Each day brings into a discovery of a deeper purpose. Life—at last—feels in control.

Daily checklist for a better life experience, this simple yet profound tool, it changed how I go about my ways forever. And taught me that a lifestyle of organised and fulfilling days is not an illusion but a possible reality.

If you struggle to put your life together I hope you give the checklists a chance to serve you.

Because they work.

Without fail.

William V Vysniauskas

Why daily checklist is a key to life mastery efforts
Daily Checklist For Your Life Mastery Efforts, by William V Vysniauskas, Can I Fail

Research & Stats

information overload studies and chart
Information age.
Information overload [1].
  • We’re bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data a day [2].
  • The human brain is loaded daily with 34 GB of information [3].
  • People consume more media than ever—but growth is slowing [4].
  • 80% get headaches, insomnia, eye twitches from info overload [5].
  • Other side effects: stress, anxiety, procrastination, poor decision-making, lack of concentration and attention, diminished productivity, low mood or energy. And more [6].
information overload studies and chart
information overload global stress
information overload global stress
Thought pollution.
The rebellious mind.

A study by NASA shows that 98% of us are born with genius minds, ready for a bright and creative future [7]. Yet, 76% of us will live through the final hours in suffering from deep regrets [8].

No one knows for sure why we fail at life. Countless reasons. But it’s no longer a secret that a human mind has the unmatchable power to make or break us.

According to some studies the average person has 12,000-80,000 thoughts a day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are the same repetitive thoughts as the day before [9].

If this is a case, we shouldn’t be surprised why failure rates in every area—personal, relationships, sports, business—are so high.

Can you teach a rebellious mind to dance a “beautiful tango” with you together? The daily checklist is the answer to this question.

The Solution

“Here, then, is our situation at the start of the twenty-first century: we have accumulated stupendous know-how. We have put it in the hands of some of the most highly trained, highly skilled, and hardworking people in our society. And with it, they have accomplished extraordinary things.

Nonetheless, that know-how is often unmanageable. Avoidable failures are common and persistent, not to mention demoralizing and frustrating, across many fields—from medicine to finance, business to government. And the reason is increasingly evident: the volume and complexity of what we know have exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably.

Knowledge has both saved us and burdened us. That means we need a different strategy for overcoming failure, one that builds on experience and takes advantage of the knowledge people have but somehow also makes up for our human inadequacies.

And there is such a strategy—though it will seem almost ridiculous in its simplicity, maybe even crazy to those of us who have spent years carefully developing ever more advanced skills and technologies.

It is a checklist.”

— Atul Gawande, Checklist Manifesto

Checklists Studies [10]

checklist manifesto Atul Gawande
  • A study in 2009-2012: deaths in eight hospitals decreased by 47%.
  • The infections rate at John Hopkins Hospital fell from 11% to 0%.
  • The 18 months Keystone Initiative’s checklists study saved over 1,500 lives and an estimated $175mln.
checklist manifesto Atul Gawande
  • Checklists introduced because of a deadly airplane crash on 30 October 1935 changed the future of aviation forever.
  • Wall-Mart used checklists to successfully deal with a national disaster, a Hurricane Katrina, in 2005.
  • The major advance in the construction industry has been due to its perfection of tracking checklist items and communication.

We have an opportunity before us, not just in medicine but in virtually any endeavour. Even the most expert among us can gain from searching out the patterns of mistakes and failures and putting a few checks in place. But will we do it? Are we ready to grab onto the idea? It is far from clear.

–Atul Gawande
Checklist Manifesto

Checklists As A Life Mastery Tool

Where to use daily checklist for a better life experience
  • Fulfilling habits and rituals
  • Self-reflection questions
  • A specific skill mastery
  • Life organising
  • Projects and planning
  • Money management
  • Visual review of your journeys
checklist for overall life mastery


Create lasting habits
Ask meaningful questions
Mindfully manage daily activities
Avoid stress & feeling overwhelmed

Remain disciplined and focused
Experience a sense of freedom
Keep yourself accountable

Work out your finances
Take control of all areas in life
Master the dance with your mind

A Call To All Freedom Fighters, Peaceful Rebels And Brave Souls

Isn’t it pity.

Today we have easy access to world-class mentors who can help us advance in anything we want. Yet, for some reasons, we still live in lack.

Our minds have the power to fly us to the moon. But what’s the use to any it if our learned knowledge is not applied in practice? There’s nothing worse than knowing that you can have an extraordinary life, yet still not be able to bring this experience into the actual reality.

The information overload problem is undeniable. The fact that there’s so much suffering in the world can support the studies that our thoughts indeed are polluted.

We all want to create better lives for ourselves and our people. We will fight for our rights and freedom. We’ll seek for ways into the fulfilling days. We may even make an attempt and build an inspiring legacy to leave behind us. 

But will we succeed?

So much to do, to be in life, and to experience! But a clock is ticking and time is not on our side. Time is running out. 

Why try to re-invent a wheel? Why take a risk to fail? Would it not be smarter to “team-up” with the greatest instead and borrow their “recipes” for success?

Study the masters, figure out their ingredients. Create a daily checklist. OWN it. Follow through. Feel as if world-class mentors are guiding you every step of the way. Never stop. Never give up. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Adapt to new changes. 

And watch the magic happen.

Just think about it.

If it has the power to save lives, to get the airplanes off the ground and all industries have benefited from using it, then why shouldn’t we give the daily checklist a chance to help us manage our lives?

Not to live off the checklists but USE them to help you stay connected, laser-focused and consistent with what’s most important to you in your life. 

Being focused creates results. Regular actions become habits. Meaningful questions can only guide into meaningful insights. No one will hand over the answer to our most important questions. No one will do all the work for us. It is our own responsibility to take control of our destiny and master our lives.

Or else, risk spending the final hours in deathbed suffering from deep regrets. “I wish I had done that… I wish there was more time still left…”

A clock is ticking. And we don’t have another 100 years to live. 

It's your choice, always.

You can try succeeding in all areas of your life on your own by following a long, overwhelming way. 

Or you can use a proven-to-work daily checklist and take a shortcut on your life mastery journey.

In the end, a choice and decision is always yours.

Which way is it going to be?
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