(fun) NO-FAIL Morning Ritual

Imagine this:

It’s Friday morning. Alarm goes off.

“Oh, its a beautiful life!”

You stretch your bones. Smile. Jump out of bed (jump slowly, on some other days). And…


“Oh, its a beautiful life! Ah yeah…”

Nuts? Not really…

Statistically, Fridays are usually the toughest days. Here are the science proven stats for our moods on days of the weeks:

How do we overcome this? Music. First thing in a morning. Your alarm is not some sound, but music.

When I first came up with this idea, it made a difference the way I start my days, unchangably. But its not only till recently that one Friday morning, while on a way from bathroom listening to this tune, started feeling like having fun. So I danced.

Here is what it does to your brain.

Here is a list of my current weekly song selections (to go in-line with daily moods, help change or boost them)

Give it a chance, you cannot fail with this ritual. Fun is guaranteed. And on a morning when your emotional body needs it the most!


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