Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery is for self-aware introverts & practical left-brainers who seek to take control of their own reality NOW and don't have a burning desire to gamble their future. Everything you need to mindfully master your days, and craft a Legacy... 


Your 66 Days Journey

Ideal Day Lifestyle habits. Self-discovery. Reality mastery.
Lifetime Projects awareness. Wealthy money management.
Emotional and spiritual fulfilment. Inspiring Legacy vision.

1. Set Up Chat

During our 1 hour Set Up Chat we'll discuss the details, and I'll answer your questions. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and help better prepare for your upcoming journey.

Carefully researched, science proven, time tested habit tracker and personal development tool (customised to YOU), to help keep you on track throughout all key areas in life.
After using this tool for at least 66 days (as recommended by science) you will be able to review your progress, recognise habits of success that are already natural to you, as well as weaker habits to require more of your attention.
Upgrade your thinking, up your standards and let a Blueprint take care of your days while you're working on your life's vision, business or a mission.

Mastering one day at a time. Starting from day one.

2. Ideal Day Lifestyle Blueprint

Fulfilling habits
Visual reports & analysis

3. Your First 33 Days

Take control of your days
Re-discover yourself
Sense of purpose

Day 1: Set Up Chat. Receive and study your personal Blueprint. Define your Ideal Day Lifestyle, Standards, and understand your current Reality. 

Day 2-8: Receive 10-15min audio guides to Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery. Start developing fulfilling habits and tracking your Legacy inspired journey.

Days 9-31: Receive weekly 15min audio guides. Keep mastering Ideal Day Lifestyle habits and tracking your journey.

Day 32: Monthly Review Chat (30min) to review your progress and answer your questions. Upgrade your Blueprint.

Day 33: Congratulations, you've now experienced a no-fail approach to Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery. Reflect on your journey and get ready for the next stage.
Days 34-36: Receive 10-15min audio guides for your upgraded Blueprint habits.

Days 37-64: Receive weekly 15min audio guides. Keep mastering Ideal Day Lifestyle habits and tracking your journey.

Day 65: Journey Review Chat (30min) to answer your questions and give future suggestions. Upgrade your Blueprint, receive audio & video guides for your ongoing daily adventure.

4. Your Next 33 Days

Recognise patterns
Develop discipline
Clarity & focus

DAY 66

Congratulations, you've now developed solid Ideal Day Lifestyle habits, to continue guiding on your journey through Purpose, Wealth & Peace.

Reflect and decide the next steps. Keep crafting your Legacy, as going strong.

Create a stable future; one that is predictable, enriched, regret-free, and full of peace of mind. While focusing on one day at a time.

Also Included

Day 2: Daily Planner & Journal
Day 8: Ideal Day Vision template
Day 32: Legacy Vision template
Day 45: Lifetime Projects template
Day 66: Wealthy Money Manager

Unlimited email support throughout 66 days


  • Set Up Chat (1 hour)
  • Monthly Review Chat (30min)
  • Journey Review Chat (30min)
  • Daily, weekly guiding audios & videos (10-15min)
  • Unlimited email support throughout 66 days
  • Blueprint with 2 upgrades
  • Daily Planner & Journal
  • Ideal Day Vision template
  • Legacy Vision template
  • Lifetime Projects template

Wealthy Money Manager System

***A Blueprint, Money Manager and all other templates comes in Excel format. No Excel skills are necessary. 

Secure Your Spot

(*very limited price offer)
£ 197
Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™
Everything from a complete menu
VIP invitations to all new future releases
Not ready for mastery?
£ 37
Get Ideal Day Experience
Set Up Chat (30min)
Basic Blueprint


Peaceful meditations online, monthly (unlimited)
Sacred meditation mantra (upon request)
**Meditation sessions online are ongoing and available to all my journey friends free of charge. As now as in future months.
Not sure if Ideal Day Lifestyle is right for you?
Questions? Shoot me an email here to figure out.
Not sure if Ideal Day Lifestyle is right for you? Questions? Shoot me an email here to figure out.

Some Questions Answered

Who is Mastery for?
Ideal Day Lifestyle Mastery™ is for self-aware introverts and practical left brainers who seek to take control of their own reality and don't have a burning desire to gamble their future.

If you're a freedom fighter, peaceful rebel and a brave-soul who finds it difficult to fit into the 'social norms' but loooves working on yourself, take time to analyse your life, and feel ready to improve quality of your days then this no-fail approach to life mastery will serve your ways.
About Experience?
Ideal Day Experience is available for those who don't feel ready for Mastery today and just want to get the experience of this unique journey. 

Same as to Mastery, we'll start with Set Up Chat (30min), where we'll discuss the details, I'll answer your questions and we get to know each other better. 

Basic Blueprint comes in printable format, and will not have charts available with it. 

The Experience cost gets applied to Mastery moving forward.
Excel skills?
If you can type "y" and "n" into clearly defined cells and follow few simple steps as per guiding videos, then you're all set. Your Mastery journey will be displayed in clean, easy to read charts. So no any specific Excel skills are required. 
I am confident that value of Mastery journey is worth at least £1,500. But we all have to start somewhere. The price will be increasing exponentially by 20% with every successful feedback. Funds received will be reinvested to help us all become masters of our Ideal Day Lifestyles. And ultimately - our Legacies.
Payments are processed through PayPal (you don't need PayPal account). Your money are protected by PayPal Buyer Protection policies.
Yes. If anytime during our Set Up Chat you feel that we didn't click, or that I failed to deliver value, then there's no need to waste your money and our efforts. Send me an email WITHIN 20min after our call, and I'll forward you a full refund. No questions asked.

Once a Blueprint has been sent out (20min AFTER our call), there are no refunds available. And we're on a journey, together.

Ideal Day Lifestyle Vision

(image pops-up)
"We'll master each day so that our final hours are not filled with deep regrets." 
– William V Vysniauskas