"If a mission starts with a single idea, and every journey with a single step, then (I figure) the inspired lifestyle must to begin with a single day. To be experienced every day."

Discovery of The Ideal Day

I discovered the concept of an 'Ideal Day' only weeks (if not days) before things started going wrong in my personal life. I haven't heard of it until that summer in 2016. Even if someone introduced me to this idea years ago, I don't think I would have done much about it.
2 years earlier, in 2014, I came to read a book 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari', by Robin Sharma

It gave me a powerful suggestion of a life, I never dreamed about before. And inspired to take some actions, towards making such life a reality. 
This attempt lasted for 2 months. Then failed. I stopped.

Maybe the reason WHY was not strong enough, to keep pushing me forward. Or that I simply was not ready for a change. Back then.

However, this time was different. Too different.

I'm guessing, the mindset "what if I really had only 3 years to live" did a trick. If I knew the number of days I'm limited to, where else could I start, if not from my given today? As appeared, it would have been my only choice. 

"Ideal day what?? Does it even exist?"

Not surprisingly, I felt a certain level of resistance at first. But the clearer I became about what such day would need to look like, the more I fell in love with the idea itself.

A project started from a natural inspiration. Writing down the contents on a paper was flowing. Once done, I felt as if someone, finally, opened up my eyes. Took me by the hand, and made to never look back. 

But it didn't just end there.
They say, "picture speaks a thousand words." Couldn't agree more. Soon after finishing writing a script, I found myself nurturing the idea of creating something more visual. 
Long story short, and 80 hours later, a video was born.

Since then, this video became my main guide in a quest of a new lifestyle. And The Towering Lighthouse to this entire journey. 

To make sure, I follow into the right path...

It was a time to blow off the dust from 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' book, and continue with what was started couple years ago. To incorporate The 7 Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living into a lifestyle of a fresh new day. 

"An ideal day designed around virtues of the enlightened way. The way, when followed with your heart, no one could ever fail, away."
"An ideal day designed around virtues of the enlightened way. The way, when followed with your heart, no one could ever fail, away."
I now review a video at least once a week. It's been extremely helpful, to keep me on a right track. I had a dozen of opportunities to quit In first 3 months alone. And fail, once again. But this video, it was pushing me forward. It kept me alive.

A true game-changer.

Today, I stand here scratching up my head. "Where on earth (or on another planet) I've been living, to have never thought of this powerful idea before?"

I'm sure, right things can only happen at a right time.

Always the best moment, for us.

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