Join us for a 4 DAY

experience in GREEK ISLANDS

Create the unforgettable, together
Join us for a 4 DAY

experience in GREEK ISLANDS

Create the unforgettable, together

1-4 November 2018

The purpose of these retreats is one, and one only:

To Create the Unforgettable Experience of Ideal Day Lifestyle

What would such lifestyle of purpose, wealth and peace look, feel, smell or sound like?

How to design inspiring days to let us Grow, to Give, to Live... and not to end this life with deep regrets?
Let's find out together!
(Maximum 4 participants. Couples welcome)

"Who am I? What is a purpose of me? Why are we here? Where does happiness come from? How do I experience lasting peace in my body? Will I ever live wealthy?" 

Since early childhood I was seeking clarity to these deep topics. It took over 10 years of personal development, spiritual practices and personal experiences to go through, until truth finally hit me as a ton of bricks. I am to share it all, over our 4 days together.

You might be pleasantly surprised, how simple answers to these questions are... 

You Will Learn How To:

Day 1
- Master habits of the Ideal Day Lifestyle & design your reality
Day 2 - Discover your natural skills, talents & create a strong Character
Day 3 - Manage money like a millionaire, to prepare for a wealthy future
Day 4 - Build inspiring Legacy, to last even when we no longer here
(sessions are 2 hour long. All other time is there for our dailies & to experience life in Greek Islands)

In a typical scenario you'd spend hours looking for your best retreat to find some interesting places, just to realise that non of those selection suits every of your needs. But you might still go, because... what is the other choice?

This is why I want to suggest something different: we decide our experiences together. 

Decision making includes:
  • Places to see
  • Activities to do
  • Meals we prepare
Since there is going to be only (up to) 4 participants, it gives a unique chance for each to fill one of the 4 days with your 'must to see while I'm here'. And to create an opportunity for the rest of us to view Greek Islands as it is seen through your eyes.

Simply, send me your suggestions during our arrangements process, and a combined list of all suggested will be forwarded to all participants. We will then carefully make a collective decision, and pick only those options that appeals to everyone the most.

Ranging from experience of growth and peace in yourself, claiming answers to some of your deep questions, mindful activities of an ideal day, making fulfilling connections with like-minded people, and discovering the best of Greek Islands (as how WE decide the 'best' is for us)... a list goes on. 

Activities include, but not limited to:
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Healthy food cooking
  • Self-mastery sessions
  • Meaningful discussions
  • Practice of kind acts
  • Fun & good laugh
  • Relax & enjoy
  • Adventure & outdoors
  • Greek Islands exploration

(daily schedule will be arranged once we'll decide on Greek Islands exploration activities)

Here Is What's Coming

1-4 November 2018

  • Stylish accommodation
  • Done for us food shopping *
  • Organised all necessary arrangements
  • Fulfilling connections with like-minded people
  • Ideal Day Lifestyle mastery guidance
  • Self-discovery and Character mastery guidance
  • Inspired Legacy mastery guidance
  • FREE Ideal Day Lifestyle Blueprint (basic habits)
  • FREE Wealthy money management system
  • Greek Islands and local culture experience
  • Mindful Ideal Day Lifestyle experience
  • Yoga and meditation experience
  • Deep hypnosis experience
*Food is vegetarian (we will cook together).
 Strictly no alcohol and parties in a house (plenty of strong reasons, why we do not need it here).

Travel & Accommodation

A retreat is planned to take place in a stylish 2-4 bedrooms home, villa or penthouse in one of the Greek Islands. The exact location and travel details will be announced 2 weeks before retreat starting date. 

Below are the images of places that are currently under negotiations. 

Cycladic House in Tinos

Penthouse in Paros

Villa in Marmari

House in Tinos

Secure Your Spot For This Ideal Day Lifestyle Retreat

1-4 November 2018

(Maximum 4 participants. Couples welcome)