"I came to believe that our ultimate goal of inspired life is a discovery & a delivery of who we truly are. Through every given day. I cannot think of any higher purpose, than this."

Ideal Day Ingredients

Inspired Life of an Ideal Day, What Does It Look Like?

I shared mine in Ideal Day Video, but why don't I answer this question by saying:

"Without a doubt, to each it's own!"

Yet, if you take time to study successful people, read their materials, listen to their interviews, you will start noticing something interesting.

They all mention the same words, and talk about same ingredients they've used to achieve their outstanding success.


I was searching for ways to breakthrough from personal & social limitations from a time I stepped onto a path of personal & spiritual growth. The quest for inspired life of my dreams begun in early 2009, when the world was crashing in steel-arms of a global recession.

Little did I know back then, what this lifestyle would need to look like. Or what my dreams are in a first place. It all was nothing but a big, spacious... confusion.

After series of failed attempts, the simplicity of truth appeared only in late 2016.

"We chase money, happiness, joy, peace, sense of meaning, feeling of purpose, or a connection. While in reality all what we want is the experience of our ideal day, and every day. With all those ingredients already counted in."
"We chase money, happiness, joy, peace, sense of meaning, feeling of purpose, or a connection. While in reality all what we want is the experience of our ideal day, and every day. With all those ingredients already counted in."

As simple as it sounds, this realization alone was eye opening. "If this is so, then why don't I work on creating this day first, before anything else to happen?"
  • A day which is designed around your true character, and not somebody else's lie.
  • A day to include all ingredients for success, making it hard, if not impossible, to fail.
  • A day that brings you joy, as well as joy to the others.
Creating inspired life of your dreams to start from a single day sounded much more realistic than chasing a wind in wide fields. Trying to figure out complex meaning of life, or my life's purpose.

Taking care of one day at a time also sounded way more achievable. 

Yet, thanks to a given challenge, there was one more question to be added:

"What IF my time was really limited, to 3 years, how would I go about creating such day... now?"

And a sense of urgency increased. 

It was at that moment, with the idea of only 3 years left to live, my vision for Inspired Life of an Ideal Day was set.

It Doesn't Work

Instead of diving right into doing-the-do, sometimes it's worth a time to stop, and think. "What are the mistakes I made in a past? What can I learn from them?"

These are 3 lessons I came across in life. Approaches to hardly work, or to even work against you:

1. Jump on a path of Self-Delivery without truly understanding yourself.

2. Indulge yourself into activities of Self-Discovery, and get stuck in that stage.

3. Toxic, unbalanced daily routines.

Missing out on a first point can result in waste of your life. The second point can leave you feeling lonely and unfulfilled. Overlook the third one, and it will take you nowhere at all (even if you managed to get the first two points right).

I'm sharing these points with confidence, because not only I learned about them by studying the mistakes of others. I also travelled through all 3 stages myself. And bumped into a solid brick wall with every attempt, in the end of the road. 

So what does work? After taking several approaches and failing at most of them, it should come as no surprise that you finally figure something out. 

3 Step Approach

1. Create your days based on proven ways for success. And exactly how you'd want your daily life to be.

2. Experience your true-self through inspiring dailies. It will bring clarity about your life's purpose, and vision.

3. Follow your heart. Build systems around your new passions & share your new, unique ways with the world.

Can it get any simpler than that? 

Step 1

Live It

Design your ideal day based on virtues, as taught by those who are already walking same path. Study the Masters.

Borrow their ingredients for success, and include them in your own recipe. Find your ways to apply that information in your current life.

Make sure to follow through, and do whatever it takes to live your inspiring day, every day.

Develop unshakable habits. What once was alien, will soon become a new, familiar reality. 
Step 2

Be It

You already have proven to work ingredients included in your daily routines. You're also practicing the enlightening dailies. By doing so, Self-Discovery will come into play, naturally.

At this stage you will know yourself. Not through books, but through personal experiences.

By living your ideal days you become clear about your vision for life. As well as your purpose, or your life driving needs and hidden passions.

There is no longer 'doing'. You're now 'being it'. 
Step 3

Share It

How difficult can it be to figure out ways into Self-Delivery, from a place of your very best?

You're enjoying the inspired life of your ideal day. You know who you are, and what you want in life.

Now, build systems around your ways, share your skills, your values and your new-self with like-minded individuals. By creating something of your own, or finding a place where your people are hanging out, and joining them.

Making someone else's day better, through your radiant existence.


In summer 2016 I was hitting my bottom lows. I used to hate my mornings, and would not be looking towards any new given day. I didn't know what I'm doing, or where I'm going. I had no place under the broad sky. Feeling like a complete failure, no longer wanting to exist.

Less than 12 weeks later my days were completely transformed. The experience of that dark place was nothing but a bad dream, I'd never want to re-live again. The sun was shining bright again, my heart was full of life.

Everything have changed from one single thought, "3 years to live." If this was true, could I afford to waste a single minute from those days left in me, with something dark or uninspiring? 

The idea about creating Inspired Life of an Ideal Day, followed. It was a strong wake up call. It felt as if someone, literally, had extended its helpful arm, and guided all the way until this point.

Having lightful ingredients included in my dailies, it was (and continues to be) a powerful experience. The one not to hide away.

So I take my responsibility, and share, the discovered way.


Through careful studies and personal experiences, I came to learn that any inspiring day, once structured around your unique personality, your needs, dreams & passions, should touch on & nourish each of these points:

Body, Health & Energy
Mind & Positive Mental Attitude
Cultivate Richer Relationships
Purpose Work & Passions Income
Music, Fun & Celebration
Balance & Simplicity 
Solitude & Meditation
Discipline & Habits of Success 
Serving Others & Kind Acts
Congruent Character
Quality Relax Time & Sleep
Inspiring Environment
After following these virtues for first couple months, I could no longer see how any day that didn't touch on all those points, could be called 'an ideal day'.

I came to learn by now - the inspired life of your ideal day can be experienced 80%+ of a time on most days. Not always easily, but it is an achievable reality.

My goal is to design a way of life, fulfilling to one's deepest character & wildest dreams. To create a lifestyle of a Radiant Living, in a conscious experience of all enlightening virtues. Effortlessly, with every given day.
My goal is to design a way of life, fulfilling to one's deepest character & wildest dreams. To create a lifestyle of a Radiant Living, in a conscious experience of all enlightening virtues. Effortlessly, with every given day.

Just like we know is possible, and as the greatest Masters say.

Through a development of solid, unshakable Habits of Abundance.

And by consistently following a proven formula. The one to have worked for many others, over the decades, without fail.

The journey results I track and share on Ideal Day Blueprint page (more detailed reports are availble in Monthly Updates section)

Daily Rituals

Developing any new habit, without a doubt, can be challenging at first. Yet, in the end it all comes down to two only words: daily rituals.

I will save the writing for some other time, about the benefits of having the inspired life rituals included in your daily routines. In fact, these benefits are best to be experienced, rather than talked about.

As for now, I share my daily rituals. The ingredients included are those very same to have improved a quality of my days. And while I was not yet able to hit 100% on any given day, a difference it made to my lifestyle, is of that like day and night.
*Note: here I'm listing only major rituals, and not every single activity from a Blueprint.

Morning Rituals

  • Early Awakening, 6:05am
  • Daily Meditation, 30min
  • Life Visualization, 10min
  • Exercise & Breathing, 45min
  • Music & Fun
  • Cold Shower
  • Self-Examination, 10min
  • Goals Review, 10min

Daily Rituals

  • Productive 'Purpose Work' (3hrs+)
  • Healthy Food + Water
  • Give Myself to Help Others
  • Family, Friends, World
  • Challenge Myself
  • Self-Mastery Time
  • 7 Virtues, hit 80%+
  • Commune with Nature
  • Clean & Organized Space

Evening Rituals

  • Prepare for Next Day, 10min
  • Reflection & Gratitude, 10min
  • Extra Meditation, 30min
  • Sleep by 11pm

Future Updates

More guiding demonstrations from real life ideal day, in a form of pictures and videos, is coming soon.
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