How 10 Of Us Like-Minded Can Join Our Forces To Build A Project Of Our Lifetime, Create A Fulfilling Lifestyle For Ourselves And Serve Our People.

All Of Us Starting From The Same Grounds, Together And Without Fail.

Trying to succeed in every area of our life alone is an overwhelming journey, usually filled with struggles, lack and limitations. 80% of businesses fail. 76% of us are ending our days with, “I’ve never lived up to my ideal self” regrets.

If you’re tired of walking your journey alone, maybe even tired of living days in lack—the lack of growth, the lack of connection, contributions, the lack of freedom, or lack of fun—but you’re hungry to create and ready to find out how far this collective experience can take us to, then I'd love to hear from you.
We’re forming a team of 10 like-minded to:
1. First, create fulfilling lifestyles for ourselves. Then,
2. Make an impact by sharing our unique ways with 5,000+ people.
3. Grow our project into €1mln+ and share the profits within a community together.
Who is this for:
1. Aspiring solopreneur, looking to create your own
2. Skilled solopreneur, business experience

Start & grow together / Expand your business / Share expertise & rewards
Happy to hear from anyone and brainstorm our opportunity of working together. But in particular, I'm interested in teaming up with people who have a passion, experience or skills in:  
software development -
sales & marketing -
video production -
copy & writing -
- people & communities
- coaching, speaking
- business & money
- creative designs
- software development
- sales & marketing
- video production
- copy & writing
- coaching, people, communities
- photography & designs
- business & money
- public speaking
Anyone You Know?

Are We A Right Match?

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