The Ideal Day Lifestyle through Purpose, Wealth & Peace

Over a period of 3-yrs to create an inspiring lifestyle of purpose, wealth & peace. Complete with life management systems designed around dreams, passions & true personality, the enlightening way.

To fulfil all areas of one’s being, achieving goals & completing most important lifetime projects.

To contribute to our world using recourses of my skills, time, creativity & by monetary. To share a deeper meaning & add value. To help & inspire anyone who needs help or inspiration through my existence.

To lead by example. To Grow. To Give. To Live.

To experience the Lifestyle of an Ideal Day. Through every given day.

Lifetime Projects

(comes a part of Can I Fail Project)

Ideal Day

If a mission starts with a single idea, and every journey with a single step, then inspired lifestyle must to begin with a single day. To be experienced every day.

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Bucket List

Meaningful. Realistic. Visual. To create an inspiring lifestyle of purpose, wealth & peace. And to fulfill all areas of life-mastery. Leading into the Ultimate best.

More About
"My passion is a daily immersion into a lifetime projects of a never-ending process of personal growth; the ongoing studies & exploration of a deeper meaning to all things in life. To challenge a status quo.

To always seek for simple, yet effective ways for designing an abundant lifestyle of purpose, wealth, peace & freedom. To find myself in service, contribute towards making a positive difference in this world & overall wellbeing of our humanity.

To surprise & support those who need it the most, through my acts of kindness.

To connect with & grow in a group of like-minded individuals, all coming together for a positive, lightful change. To share our unique ways & enjoy the abundance, collectively."
– William V Vysniauskas