Probability of Success

Projects of a lifetime. Over 300 Bucket List activities. 80%+ targets to hit. 52+ challenges to take on. 

All in 3 years.

When I first saw these numbers, I was looking at it with great disbelief. ""Will I ever be able to do it? What are my chances for success?" Feeling excited, but also a little scared, I was thinking if what I'm getting myself into, is even possible.

I have to admit, when you fail few times too many, it throws your confidence around. No wonder, I needed confirmation. Can I win here? Or am I setting myself for a failure again?

To better understand the probability of success, I seeked guidance through 17 Principles of Personal Achievement, by Napoleon Hill. 

Basically, I ranked myself on each of the principles (after studying them first), to find out where do I stand. My very first score results in October 2016 was averaging 5.3.

Not so encouraging.
But what really helped was to have a visual report in front of me. It gave me a good idea of areas where my chances for success are higher, and where I might struggle.

I kept working on a campaign ever since, and performed more Self-Discovery exercises. To then re-take this test again in the end of January 2017. Results came back averaging 6.5. 

Below is a comparison chart from both tests.
Not a huge jump, but still, a 22% improvement.

(take a note how Definiteness of Purpose score increased. This alone was worth the experience)

In addition, I have also taken other tests, such as Success Psychology Test. To help understand my probability of success even better. Results here came back as Grade A, which too is a positive.

Now, do any of these test results guarantee my success? I think I'd be too naive to just say 'yes!' to it. I know there will be many more factors involved, to determine the direction of this course.

However, if one thing these tests did to me, was to give valuable guiding points to keep in mind. And it also boosted my confidence.

Every little helps. Especially when you're starting on a journey, standing alone, all by yourself. 
What has helped you to push to the next level? Share your experiences and thoughts below!


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