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“If you knew that today is your last day—no more tomorrow’s—would you be at peace?”

  A word from the founder

Still remember that early summer morning in 2016. Laying on my bed, looking through the open window, seeing nothingness. Feeling like a complete failure. While closing my eyes I realised: the space inside is void and dark. Ready to depart.

If I haven’t made through that day I’d have left as a lonely and sad soul. Far from anything we could describe as “peace”.

I wonder how many from 76% people who are ending life with, "I regret to have never fulfilled my ideal self", feel the same? Devastated, fearful, confused. We go through our days believing that we own them. Yet, most of us are pushing through a journey of “lack”. A lack of purpose, joy, freedom, personal or financial well-being.

My experience in 2016 came as a result of many “lack”. While a painful event, it was also a real shake-up call. And a time to put into practice the wisdom I learned over the years by studying personal growth and spiritual masters.

Below you’ll find the exact steps I’ve taken to overcome the lowest moment of my life. Not only to survive but to also advance in the current days feeling stronger than ever. And now vigorously move towards a clear, meaningful direction.

If today you’re facing struggles or feeling stuck, please know – there’s a way. A lifestyle of purpose, wealth and peace is not an illusion. It is real.

And we can do it.

This is not just another 'how to' guide. It's a well thought out, carefully planned and actionable path. It has immense power to take us through the inspiring journey of purpose, wealth and peace. Without fail. As taught by the world's greatest, approved by science, and tested by time. Stitched together and acted-on personally.

Research & Stats

Lack or thrive. Life is what we make it to be.

We came into the world as pure human beings with genius minds, ready for a bright and creative future [1]. Yet, somewhere along the way we lost our powers and chose to walk a journey of “lack” instead. 76% of us will live through the final hours filled with deep regrets [2].

On the other hand, a small group of individuals decided to rebel against the “social norms”. They follow their own dreams, live up to their personal standards, and work to master every sphere of their reality. Those are the people who touch our souls and inspire the world.

No one knows for sure why some of us reach the sky while others sink in misery. Countless reasons. But when we talk about accomplishments, in a nutshell, it all comes down to only two things:

1. Proven process.
2. Consistent action.
Photo © 2003 Christopher Chase

Everything is a system. Success is a repeatable process.

It is common to believe that life is random, spontaneous, and unpredictable. But in reality, patterns exist everywhere. According to a science, everything is a system: nature, human body, habits, personal routines, product, team, markets [3].

The goal of a holistic systematic approach to life is to identify a process which already produces the extraordinary results. Then follow up with the repeated actions to achieve a same desired—and predictable—outcome.

People who succeeded in anything are the master-chefs of their process. They “cooked their meal” and “ate their food” again and again, until created a perfect “recipe”.

A delicious recipe which we can all learn from, and make our own. 
Photo © 2003 Christopher Chase

The ingredients. A recipe for a no-fail life experience.

In the sections below you’ll find the accurate recipe to guide you through a fulfilling journey of purpose, wealth and peace.

The ingredients were hand-picked from the “kitchens” of greatest masters and influencers of our times: Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Osho, Vishen Lakhiani, John Butcher, Lisa Nichols, T. Harv Eker, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peers, Wim Hof, Bronnie Ware, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and many more.

We don't have to be master-chefs or even particularly good cooks when we’re starting out on a road of personal growth. But we need to be willing to work hard and be hungry to experience a delectable change.

A mixture of the right ingredients, a proven process and a consistent action is a formula for success. A formula of the way which, when followed with a heart, no one could ever fail-away.
“If our days are designed for growth and to serve the other, could we ever fail to live?”
-- William V Vysniauskas


“The motive is to realise our full potential”.
Ideal Day Mastery
“A first step to breaking out from Lack”.

Ideal Day Blueprint
Fulfilling habits
Visual reports & analysis
Character Mastery
“To learn who we are, and be such”.

Natural born skills and talents
Personality traits and values
Creative self-expression
Character dailies
Reality Mastery
“No more lies, just a plain reality”.

7 Pillars mastery
3 Stepping Stones mastery
Own philosophy of life
Lifetime Projects Mastery
“To create what we were born to create”.

Inborn talents in action
Ultimate self-delivery
Bucket List activities


“To push humanity forward. And reap the rewards”.
7 Pillars of True Wealth
Purpose Work Realisation
Unrestricted Life Experience


“We lived at our highest given best. With ourselves, and for the other”.
Lifetime Projects Completion
Played Full Out. True to Self
Deep Fulfilment. No Regrets

To Leave Behind

 A call to all Freedom Fighters, Peaceful Rebels, and Brave-Brave Souls

Just like there’s a recipe for an apple pie there’s also a recipe for success and failure. Luckily, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel: the formula for extraordinary life was already written by those who walked the path before us. Of course, there’s no single approach to apply everyone, but we can all learn from the triumphs of the greatest.

If we’re not completely satisfied with where we are today, then breaking out from lack is a first logical step we need to take. Unlearn what we’ve been taught, re-connect with our pure-genius selves, raise our standards. Take control of OUR days, and move towards anew.

Living a life of lie does not serve anyone. If we’re not ready to face our reality now, a day will come when our reality will face us. Sadly, for most this day comes when a change is already too late.

There is no greater purpose than a self-discovery and a self-delivery of who we truly are. We all came into this world with unique skills and talents. To create. And to help push humanity forward through projects of our lifetime.

Money is just the “side-effect” reward to confirm we’re on a right track. The more people we can serve, the less financial limitations we will have to confront. Try jumping into a bubble of wealth without a purpose, and you’ll be back in “lack” [4].

Yes, we can’t control—or even know—how we’ll end our given days. But at least, let’s live our lives in such a way that our last hours are not filled with deep, soul-crushing regrets.

Why not build the inspiring legacies, and leave in peace instead?


In your vision, how does it appear to you, your final peace?

Think about it.


Break out from Lack together?

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