Realistic Expectations (or Die Trying)

I once attended a seminar with Nick Vujicic, when he was visiting Lithuania. Several other great personal development speakers were presenting on a day too. Inspiring us, to aim high. 

There was one speaker in particular, who shared very interesting point on ‘realistic expectations’. The point that was visual, had a deep meaning, and was also entertaining. Hence, it stuck in my mind. 

Realistic Expectations

First of all to mention: it’s a motivational event called ‘Limitless’. A place where we’re big, we’re great, and we can be just about anything we want in life. Motivating indeed, it was a great event.

But then a skinny guy comes up on stage, and gives his talk. He begins by saying, “You’re not limitless. You’ve been lied.” Now, such an entry in front of 9,000 people… it sure gets your attention. The guy is so brave!

His point is actually worth exploring – if you were born a mouse, do not try to become a lion.


If you were born in a skinny body, it would be dangerous to set yourself a goal that in the next few years (or even in a lifetime) you will be taking part in World’s Strongest Man competition, and kicking their ass. It just won’t happen. 


Well, rather than me saying, Google it up and take a quick look at those guys, the World’s Strongest Men. Natural born, massive beasts.

You can only guess what would happen to my skinny body if I’m to stand under the same 500lb weight that they’re working with, easily. No matter how much I try, under that load I would be dead in no time.

Agree – we must grow, like everything else in nature grows, every day. We have to believe, and to never stop dreaming. To raise our standards, and challenge ourselves daily, into our personal best. 

Yet, within realistic expectations. While remaining true to yourself.

His final message was clear, and very simple:

If you were born a mouse, do not try to become a lion. You will get eaten by a real lion.

Simply, find your niche in mouse’s world. Make yourself home. And grow in that world.

In speaker’s case, his niche was a stage. That’s where he feels home.

Hearing out, there was no doubt about it. His speech came from a heart. And we all could feel it. 

Today I thought, this is how you know, where you… belong.

No longer chasing dreams of others. Listen to yourself.

Regardless where we’re starting, from far away or from early beginning only.

To stop, and ask:

“In what I do, am I already home?”

Then FEEL, the answer…