I Have To Fight. And Not Give Up.

When Russians came to occupy Lithuania, grandpa was one of those who said ‘Screw this, I’m not joining’. And run off into forests. To fight. Through long, cold winters. And dark, lonely nights. Learn, how to not give up.

Many partisans died in those forests. From bullets of the enemy. Over 20,000 (half of them, 16-21 year olds)

Grandpa was captured too. Yet, escaped. Walked on his feet, all across the country. Back to home. He survived.

This is a history of 1940’s.

Many years later, and he was one of very few, still standing.

“I cannot use wheelchair. I have to fight. And not give up. I’ll use my legs. I will stand up.”

…he replied once offered help. Then gather all of his strength to just get up, and walk. Very slowly, and with tremendous amount of effort. But walked. Himself.

This moment, it almost slipped through my attention. Only some minutes later, when recalling it, I found myself to be so deeply moved and touched. By fighter’s spirit & enormous strength of this old man.

To mention, the incident took place few short weeks before grandpa was admitted to a hospital. Never, even once I heard him moaning about the pain. When now we know, he was going through a great one.

In hospital, he kept on fighting. Playing with Death like a curious kid with a new, challenging toy. Coming in and out from places most would never return. Surprising not only us, relatives, but all the doctors too. With every single time.

As if he, once again, had said, “Screw this, you’re not getting me.” And go on winning every time.

When I was little, I used to read books about heroes. Watching grandpa over last year, I realised – he was one. A real life Hero.

And will always be remembered, as One.

Thank you, grandpa, for showing us, how to not give up.

With love. In memory of Kostantinas Martinevicius.

1924 Dec 6 – 2017 Feb 25

PS: if a 92-years old can such, do… then what could be stopping me & you, from moving forward?

I have to fight, and not give up, real life hero