Shortness Of Life

Shortness of Life. Thought of the Day

This is where a man, couple days ago, had left this world. In this very lake, just outside a place I’m currently staying at. Around 6am, fishing in a boat. Heart attack. Waters took him in…

Around 6am, fishing in a boat. Heart attack. Waters took him in… 

A bunch of people gathered. Neighbours stressed, relatives crying. Out loud. 

I was standing a distance away, looking at the lake. Silently. And thinking to myself, “Not an inspiring event, of course. Yet, what a beautiful way to depart… Early morning. Natural, peaceful environment. Doing what you love. On the instant. Not too soon (age 67). And through no suffering…” 

It made me wonder. When a guy got up that morning, packed up his things, and left his home… did he knew this was going to be a journey of his very last? Did he felt it, deep inside? 

Would not be surprised, somewhere-somehow, he had a feeling. A strong call for peace. And to enjoy that morning, in a way, he knew, he would. So maybe this is why he chose that week-day (instead of the usual weekend) to come out… and to connect. 

It brought a thought… 

“Today we here. Tomorrow, we don’t know… Please remember the shortness of life.”  

Grateful, for this given day.