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Surrender to the Flow.

Be careful In the World of Money.

“Surrender on a spiritual path, and chances are you will experience a state of bliss.
Surrender in a world where money rules, and someone will rip your last skin off you.

Lessons learned. Choose wisely

When I first stepped on a spiritual path (which to me today is nothing but meditation, and a deeper connection with oneself), I learned about a very important-new. Something called Surrender to the Flow.

I say ‘important’ because before this new discovery I’d go about my life through heavy-pushing, and fighting, in order to get what I thought I need to get. Just to break down in the end, physically or emotionally. Or to learn that whatever I wanted in a first place, was never really that important to spend time on, and sacrifice life for. Body, things, relationships… you name it, mistakes made in just about every area.

‘Surrender to the Flow’ Experience

Everything changed, almost magically, after one single meditation session. I will never forget that ‘heavy’ evening. Sitting on meditation mat, having tears running like waterfalls down my cheeks. And finding myself saying, “I’m tired fighting now, please guide me from here…” Out loud. 

A moment where deep sense of calmness had followed, came visiting soon after speaking out those words. Unexpectedly. 

And there it was, a feeling of peace & bliss, inside. As if knowing, the time of ‘trying’ has come to an end. Everything is okay, and will be taken care from this point onwards. An experience of ‘surrender to the flow’. All I need to do is just stay connected with IT. To let that feeling of peace & bliss guide, from here. Trust myself, the others, and the flow, along the way. 

Something important happened during that evening. The attitude towards life changed in some powerful ways. Things started to occur more naturally, people and situations appeared presenting with opportunities. All I had to do was to just make sure I am listening to my feelings. And following the flow.

Successes that came were accepted as a gift. All failures were taken in as nothing but lessons to be learned from. A life became much lighter, happier, easier going. Than ever before. And more natural, too.

The flow was working it’s magic in beautiful, mysterious ways. For as long as I was able to stay connected, and let IT (the feeling of peace & bliss) do the work for me.

Until one day…

The Money World

Most of us, I’ll take a guess, live a life where money are earned by taking on a task of mastering one or few specific skills, which we later apply in a career of our choice. Our daily routines would be structured around our jobs. Our income levels would reflect in the lifestyle quality we are to present onto the outside world. 

Go to work, earn money, get mortgage, buy things, take 1-2 holidays a year, go to work, earn money…  as a self-employed carpenter for almost 10 years, I experienced this part of life very well. You earn money for a living, and you mix up with other people who live by same ways as well. 

It all changed, however, when after 15 years living in a foreign country I sold my life (house, belongings, etc.), left UK and went back to my home country, Lithuania. Big change, money in the account, new opportunities ahead. Or so I thought…

The drive was a decision – from this point onwards I will do whatever it takes to live a life of my dreams, instead of spending the days working for someone else.

By a chance or by a choice, the trading and investments opportunity came into my sight. Funds were available, having first initial success investing too was an encouragement (making £3,000 in less than two months, working 1-2hrs a day, who wouldn’t get an impression that trading and investing is easy money, right?)

Right… and this is where things started to go wrong.

All earlier gains were lost within few weeks, confidence was shaken and I ended up searching online for a solution. This is where I discovered individuals, trading rooms, investment clubs, entire organisations who are supposedly to ‘help’ you make money. ‘Easy money’, as many claim…

The Dark Side

It was a time of stepping into the world, so unfamiliar to any experience before. This is where I came to witness the dark side of humanity, in ways never imagined before. A place where greed rules, and weak, inexperienced are eaten up alive by monster-predators.

Not for food, but for money.

This is where I learned that no matter how strong you may think you are, your beliefs will be challenged. A world where chances are high for your dreams to be broken. And your trust in all people will be lost.

A world as hot as Sand, under the hottest Sun. But as cold as Neptune, the furthest planet in our Solar. And as deadly as most poisonous Snake, yet to be discovered on the planet Earth…

Yep, that’s a world of money. And this is where I learned that a concept of ‘surrender to the flow’ and ‘following your feeling’ is nothing but a deadly strategy to adopt. A danger to one’s pocket, peace of mind and self-esteem. Or to your entire life.

Many times I met someone in that world of darkness, to greet them with a heart… and be left broken-down. Reach out, come asking, offering my skills, my time, my money… Almost as if to ‘surrender’ – here, with all I got, let’s make something out of it together… to just get used and thrown away, in very end. Start strong, with each attempt, then take a cold-hearted beating. Bring in cash, and leave empty handed… All too many times.

And all because for money.

Then desperation comes kicking-in. You want to just recover up your losses, claim what’s yours, and walk away. You try it on your own… but end up digging a deeper hole. Somehow I fooled myself, “I’m still surrendered! Still following the…” Reality, unknown. How next?? The fear kicks in strong. I’m worthless. Useless. How could I allow for this to happen…

You lose the flow, your mind, even your life. There are no longer sunny days in your horizon. The joys of life, or wish to live itself, all had disappeared. You seek for help, but… 

It’s sad, that such exists between us, human beings. But I’m not to blame here somebody else for my own mistakes! No one ever forced me to blindly trust the greedy-stranger. No one asked me to start on this hot-cold-deadly journey. I made decisions, and my own choices. No on else. So a blame goes back on me.

A ‘blame’? Or just a ‘lesson’?

I still believe that concept of Surrender to the Flow is a wonderful attitude to have adopted in one’s life. I do still follow it. However, with much higher level of consciousness brought into my decision making. This too is nothing but a new learned skill.

“A blame, or just a lesson?”, I have to ask myself, again.

See, whatever happened in the world of money, it wasn’t nice. To say the least. Yet, if it didn’t – I wouldn’t be here, writing up these lines today. Why? Because ONLY through that challenge given, the idea for Can I Fail campaign was born (more about).

So here I am. Challenged, tested, put down on knees. Almost broken-down to pieces. But standing still. Shaken up, a little. But feeling somehow anew, re-borned. Keep moving forward. And following the flow. What’s next? Today, just curious to know. 

I Hope

I hope you get it – this story is not exactly about me. I’m sure this experience was given for a reason, whatever reason there may be.

Right now, this life goes on. It always had, it always will. Regardless how many challenges we might have had to face, along the way. Regardless far away, how deep or where you are, today.

To stop pushing against the current-natural. To re-discover self, yet once again.

To learn the lessons. To understand what works, what doesn’t. How-and-where.

Who knows all the reasons ‘why’ things happen!? Do we even need to know them reasons, all?

Do I keep on fighting? Resisting? Lying to myself? Or could it be easier, perhaps, to simply re-connect, and start by following the flow, again?

From journey this, I get…

Surrender to the flow. Be careful in the world of money.

Okay, you took a chance. Got burned. So what!

Stop. Listen now. Carefully. Tune into your soul.
Seek. Where is IT guiding you to, Next?

Lessons to be learned.

Keep going. Not looking back.  
And never-ever, dare to, give on up.

Surrender to the flow. Be careful in the world of money.

Even if going is still no-easy.
Yes, it can be tough. So what!

Believe in bright tomorrow.
In fact, just know: THAT day is close.


Through every given challenge,
Along comes something, New.

Leading to no other place,
But into your highest-hidden, You…


Have you had an experience gone-wrong for you? What were your thoughts? What did you learn from it? Do share below!



Ideal Day Video

First time I heard about the Ho'oponopono practice and these powerful words was through The Missing Secret program, by Joe Vitale. One of my very first personal development online course ever. Boy did it not have strong influence on me! Sure the one to remember. Until this day.

I’ve been repeatedly internalizing this practice for years now. Towards everything and everyone. Even (especially) towards those who try to steal away my peace, and cause the pain.

Or simply, to myself.

Can't think of more powerful than these 'forgiveness' words.

Most Powerful Words

“I love you. I'm sorry. Thank you. Please forgive me” -- Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Have you tried practicing Ho'oponopono? What was your experience like?

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The Journey. The Progress. Mistakes & Lessons. Successes & Failures. Let's make it to a lightful top, together. ~We don't have 100 years to live.~
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"A thought a day not captured, is a story of 365 chapters per year, left unexpressed. To die in cold. What if there is someone out there, right now, who is in need to hear that story, to be told? Do I have rights, to hold?"  --William V Vysniauskas

Get the Latest Updates to Your Inbox

The Journey. The Progress. Mistakes & Lessons. Successes & Failures. Let's make it to a lightful top, together. ~We don't have 100 years to live.~
Why & About 'Thought of the Day'

"A thought a day not captured, is a story of 365 chapters per year, left unexpressed. To die in cold. What if there is someone out there, right now, who is in need to hear that story, to be told? Do I have rights, to hold?"  --William V Vysniauskas


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